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  1. David
  2. MODX
  3. Tuesday, 18 September 2018
Hi Phil - the MODX looks really interesting. I have a basic understanding of the architecture, and I can see there is no SONG or PATTERN mode like I'm used in the MOXF. I also see that the basic approach involves setting up PERFORMANCES and then controlling individual PARTS. (I may be using the wrong nomenclature). Can the MODX be set up in a way that is analogous to the SONG MIXING mode in the MOXF?

Thanks, David
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Bad Mister
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Yes. You can think of the MODX as always being in MIXING mode. A Performance can be as few as 1 Part and as many as 16 Parts; as many as 8 can be addressed simultaneously via the Keyboard (KBD CTRL).


The MODX does not transmit via the Sequencer Track to the Tone Generator, so in that respect the MIXING function is different from that of the MOXF. In the MOXF Song/Pattern MIXING, the Keyboard transmitted via the Sequencer Track, because you transmitted on but one MIDI channel at a time. The MODX works such that when you select a PART you are transmitting to that PART, unless the "KBD CTRL" is activated - all Parts that have KBD CTRL active will play simultaneously from the keyboard. Parts 1-8 can be KBD CTRL-active, so it is possible to be transmitting on as many as 8 different MIDI channels simultaneously with MODX. Parts not under KBD CTRL can be *selected* directly for real time individual play and control.
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Hi Phil - excellent. This (MIXING) is an important part of my playing live with the MOXF and I just wanted to make sure I can do it with the MODX. (This is not to say I don't love the MOXF; I do,but why not have two keyboards, right?). Thanks as always, and I'll be looking forward to learning from you about the MODX.

Best, David
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