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  1. gianni
  2. MOXF Series Music Production Synthesizers
  3. Monday, 13 May 2019
I copied a midi file to the moxf in Song mode.
when I press play the sound in channel 1 comes out "strings". I would like to replace them with rhodes.
I change the sound and save the song.
I move to another song and return to the desired Song, I press play and play the strings.
I can't find the parameter where to remove the control change (I think) correct?
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ok thanks a lot!
Bad Mister
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001:1:000 __ PC 063 - 009 - 068 __ [Voice Name here]

See your DATA LIST booklet page 120
User 1 = MSB-LSB = 063-009
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thanks..I entered the menu as indicated .. isee the picture..the first line (bank-pc no..007).. changing the number, changes the sound ... but I can't set my sound which is in user1 069..what value do I have to enter? thank you so much
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If you press the "Edit" button you will get a list of all MIDI events of the song. If no control changes are visible, make sure they are not turned off in the "VIEW FLT". Then scroll through the long list of events and try to find your control change.
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