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  4. Monday, 23 January 2017

When I'm playing on my MOXF8 using headphones the signal is perfect. No hum or other noice.
When I connect my MOXF to a speaker, i have a EV ZLX12p it start making a 50hz hum noice. The same using my active monitors.

If the speaker is pluggin in to my moxf and the power cord is plugged in and its turned on and i dont have my moxf power up and not connected to the power theres no hum but when I connect it to the wall I start hearing the hum... even if moxf is turned off.

The moxf and my monitors is not using grounded electircs and the ZLX is but I also tryed to lift the ground of the 230 volt 50 hz we have without result.
Also measured if there is some difference between ground and 0 and there is not. I also have a residual-current circuit breaker that will break if there is any failure.

Moxf and speaker are connected to the same power. No other stuff connected. Even tryed to shut down the whole house but I still got the hum...
I have not noticed it on stage befor and not at home either, before now.

The strange thing is that I have it even if the moxf is powered off if the power cord is plugged in but not in the headphones... only speakers.

Does anyone has a clue of where to start seraching and what it is that can be wrong?

The electric is new in the house the last 5 years and heater, hotwather etc is also new... everything on RCCB:s and I have no hum in television, stereo, home cinema sound or else... Only from MOXF. Also have a Roland thats not mailng any hum in speaker and a DGX-660 thats without hum in speaker.

Its strange... What 2 do?
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Bad Mister
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Hum in any audio system is not the fault of a single device, but occurs when there are connections between multiple device. Thus the headphones of the instrument itself can be clean, while signal, once delivered to another device now has an issue. Tracking it down can be tricky.

You should consult, LOCAL, support for working with ground issues. Some times they can be extremely easy to remedy, other times it is an indication that, perhaps, a serious issue exists. This is why asking for support on an electrical problem is best handled by some one in your local area, familiar with your electrical setup. (Do not take advice from a person who only works with 120V, or 100V, seek local help).

I highly recommend you do so...
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Ok. Thank you.
I will do so.
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