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  1. Richard
  2. MOXF Series Music Production Synthesizers
  3. Monday, 08 February 2016
Where is the "easy" button for this?
So I purchased the MOXF8 and the FL-512 flash board. Installed the board, formatted the board fine. I saved an "all" file to my USB drive as back up (2.5mb) I'm not sure if that was the factory set file or what but it was in the user manual page 60-61 and back ups are good. Now I installed the Chick Corea Mark V all file to the Flash board per instructions in the video file provided on the Yamaha USB. Took about 45 min. THEN NOTHING SOUNDS! I can see all the files, move between banks, I can see all the factory presets and the new loaded Chick Corea files. But nothing sounds. There has to be a mute function on somewhere. Please help.
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Bad Mister
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There are several things to troubleshoot no sound (beyond the obvious, connection to speakers, headphones etc).

These include:
Make sure that Direct Monitor is ON

If you have recently been working with a computer you may have selected a QUICK SETUP that turned these functions OFF...
You can quickly restore the MOXF to stand alone mode, by holding the [QUICK SETUP] + [D/4] = Standalone

This returns your MOXF to where you can play without the computer connected.

If you have recently played a MIDI File that fades out, this may turn the MASTER VOLUME level to 0
Press [F1] GENERAL
Press [SF1] TG
set VOLUME = 127
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Thank you for the reply. The quick set up/D4 button worked! I must have hit a bunch of buttons in my frustrations causing this setting The only trouble is that the bad setting is saved so I have to hit the quick set up and D4 buttons every time I turn on the MOXF. Can I save the original settings so I don't have to do this every time I turn on the instrument. Sorry, I'm such a neophyte at this. I'm a player trying to learn all the advantages (and complexities) of this instrument. I have both a MOX and a MOXF so I need to really learn all the tricks and solutions. I read the manual and have a video, but they just don't cover this stuff well. If you can offer another learning resource, I'd love it.

Bad Mister
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Settings that occur every time you turn your instrument On are those that you STORED to your instrument's internal Flash ROM. These User settings include your UTILITY mode settings for MIDI and Audio setup, your 32 Mix Templates, among others. You can update these system setting by pressing [STORE] while you are in [UTILITY] mode. These 'system' settings get written into each ALL data file that you create. When loading an ALL data file not made on your MOX/MOXF use the load type "All without system" to avoid having your settings changed.

Also learn to use the QUICK SETUP Templates built-in to the front panel.

[QUICK SETUP] is connected by a series of dots to the first six buttons; holding [QUICK SETUP] and touching one of these will make all the various MIDI and audio settings you'll need for the most common things you'll do with you MOX/MOXF. The manual does cover these Quick Setups - worth another read - they will make the different settings for when you wish to record with a computer. And can save you frustration and guesswork.

When you are ready to return to working alone, without the computer, you want close the computer application and select the "Stand Alone" template.
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