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  4. Saturday, 16 April 2016

I just deleted/reorganized my Flash Samples/Waveforms using the Melas Editors. I used a few different 3rd party libraries (that I like) with select Voices from each library. My goal was to have all the Waveforms from each library but not all the Voices. For example all the Peter Jung Waveforms, but not all the User Voices. My method was:

1. I built an X3.A file in the Melas Waveform Editor installing the Voices/Waveforms from each library. I wrote over Voices when I ran out of User slots, but not the Waveforms. Before I wrote over the full User Banks I saved the X3.A file and opened it in the Total Librarian to create a Voice Library, essentially for each 3rd party library. At the end I used my favorite User Voices from my previous MOXF setup (imported from the old X3.A file) and saved the new X3.A file. I then loaded it to the MOXF and everything is working great.

2. My real goal was to be able to load the Voices (w/User Waveforms already on the MOXF) from the Melas Voice Libraries I have saved, for audition purposes to the edit buffer, for potentially adding later. However when I try this, the Voice comes up with no Waveforms selected on the MOXF.

It seems like the Voice doesn't get permanently associated with a User Waveform until it's been installed to the MOXF. Correct?

Do I have to load the entire library of Voices and Waveforms for each 3rd party library to the MOXF and then save that All File and/or import those Voices into the Melas tools? (create Total Library file of User Voices, save X3.A or X3.V, etc)

Would that mean I have to reinstall the Waveforms each time I load an new X3.A file ?

If I want to use one of these Voices from the Total Voice Libraries do I just have to select the correct Waveforms each time I send it to the edit buffer?

Can you recommend an easy way to accomplish what I'm after without reinstalling each 3rd party Voice/Waveform library separately or manually selecting Waveforms each time I send a Voice to the edit buffer? Part of the problem is that I'm trying to save my User Voices from the previous MOXF setup that are already edited to my liking, which seems like it would be difficult to do if I have to install each 3rd party library from scratch.

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I reasoned this out on my own and came up with this solution:

1. I created 2 .X3V files using the Melas Waveform editor, with all the Voices and Waveforms I want to save to the MOXF and also potentially use later. I copied the Waveforms directly from my first .X3A file first and then added the Voices. This way the Waveforms should be loaded in exactly the same order when I load the .X3V files, as they were with my current .X3A file. I can then take Total Library or .X6A files from the MOXF to create my Voice Libraries. The Voices should at this point correctly point to the right Waveform.

2. After this is set, I can reload my most recent .X6A backup prior to doing the above and because the Waveforms were loaded in the same spot, all my User Voices should be correct.

**I'll try this out and update later**
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This link is helpful:


Part of the Load process still confuses me:

When loading an All file, do the parameters change depending on if its a .X3A or .X3V file I created with the Melas Waveform editor versus an .X6A file I saved from the MOXF?

When deciding whether to check System, Waveform, or Sample, does the Waveform box need to be checked if you are only loading Voices that have been previously installed? Where does the Waveform pointer data exist? In each Voice file or as part of the separate Waveform list?
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Ok, the solution I outlined above worked pretty well for reorganizing existing flash samples. I was able to keep my old User Voices and create Voice Libraries of the new Voices that did not have room for in my User Banks.
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