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  1. Ken
  2. MOXF Series Music Production Synthesizers
  3. Tuesday, 14 August 2018
Trying to get MOXF to communicate with Cubase. Have been following instructions to the letter but after setting up my two input tracks I only see input from MOX on transport but not on the stereo track. It shows when I hit a key but not any part of the "performance" (drums etc) this is per the following "In the currently selected setup, (2StereoRec), the internal PARTS of the MOXF are routed to USB 3/4, while the A/D INPUT is routed to USB 1/2.
Select the second track, as you begin to play the PERFORMANCE you should hear your playing and see the audio activity meter for Track 02 respond. The RED Record Ready icon routes audio to the track, while the TAN Monitor Speaker icon sends audio back to the MOXF (as audio interface) via USB.
The instructions are vague as to what "In the currently selected setup...etc actually means. HELP
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Bad Mister
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Hi Ken,
You’ve posted “Help” but failed to give any information on your setup. If you’ve been following the instructions to the letter, recounting what you’ve done is not only a good exercise but it makes for a great checklist.

Let’s start with
_ What type of computer and which operating system?
_ what version of Cubase (ie., Cubase AI7, Cubase Pro 9.5, etc)?
_ Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver version number?
_ MOXF connection... both to computer and to a sound system?
_ Are you using the MOXF6/MOXF8 Editor in your setup?

If you can supply screenshots, that helps as well.

Let us know.
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