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  3. Monday, 08 August 2016
I have a MOXF6 and have been playing it for a while, but I'm still kind of lost when it comes to some of the more complex functions. I want to be able to split the keyboard so that most of the lower keys control a sound (the Giant keyboard on Kontact 5 player) on my computer that is plugged into the keyboard via usb (that's called a VST right?), and the highest octave or two controls an internal sound, say one of the organ sounds. I think this has something to do with the Master mode and I tried to read Yamaha's article on Understanding the Master Mode, but it just confused me. How do I do this? And any other tips for using the master mode, or finding a place where it is explained in a simpler way than in that article?
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Master mode is at the deeper end of the pool of things to do. If you have little or no knowledge of MIDI routing it only gets harder. The Master mode allows you to setup a keyboard transmit situation where you can send your key presses and controller movements OUT via MIDI and also to internal Parts on as many as four different MIDI Channels.

Whether or not MOXF MASTER mode will work for you in this situation depends a lot on the device you are controlling. Many software synths that need a computer to run have their own unique operations. The first thing you will need to find out is can you set a MIDI receive channel on the program running in the computer. Because so many users are MIDI challenged, makers of plugins synths often opt to just make the software respond to all incoming MIDI data, if this is the case you will need to do additional setup so that it only receives the information you want it to receive.

Sorry, we can help you setup on the MOXF side of things but you will need to consult the documentation of your software synth for its capabilities.

Call up the MOXF program you want to region to the "highest octave or two"
On the top line, notice the Mode and location of this program. Example "VOICE" Pre1:001(A01)
Press [MASTER] to enter Master mode
Press [F2] MEMORY
Set the Mode and Memory location for the internal program.
Press [F3] ZONE SW -turn ON the Zone Switch

Press [EDIT]
Give your Master setup a Name
Press [1] to view Zone 1
Press [F1] TRANS (transmit)

For Zone 1 set:
TransCh = 1
IntSw = on
ExtSw = off

Press [F2] NOTE
For Zone 1 set the Note Limit Low/Note Limit High to define the region you want the internal sound to play

Press "2" to setup this for your external object
As you can guess you need to set a Transmit Channel, set the ExtSw = On (and IntSw = off) for this Zone
Then you can set a Note Limit region for this Zone as you require.
Press [STORE] to store your Master to one of 128 internal locations.

Sorry we don't know the soft synth you talk about, look in its documentation on how to set the Midi receive channel.
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