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  1. Dmitry
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  3. Sunday, 24 November 2019
Hi everyone! Anyone knows why the sustain pedal is not working in certain performances in MOX8 (or likely MOX6 as well)?

That means, for example, if you take a random performance and change the sound #1 to Grand Piano, pressing the sustain pedal does not have any effect.

I did not find any related settings in the performance settings, so is this a software bug or something else?
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Bad Mister
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Likely something else. By substituting a piano in an an already programmed Performance (originally made by someone else) you are inheriting the settings they have made.

Call up that same piano in VOICE mode. If the pedal works, you have no other issue than learning how your MOX8 and/or MOX6 work.
When substituting one Voice for another in a Part of a Performance, you will inherit the parameters as set in that Performance Part. If the original programmer told the Part to ignore Sustain pedal that could be the cause of what you observe.

Each Part of a Performance (or Song/PatternMixing) can be set to receive or ignore, the physical controllers.
Press [EDIT]
Press a numbered button [1]-[4] to select the Part in question and to view Part parameters
Press [F5] RCV SW (Receive Switch)
Here you can review which Controllers are set to respond and which are set to ignore for this Part.
Find the “Sus” make sure it is set to On.

Hope that helps.
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Thanks! :)
That really helped, some of the parts of that performance had the receive switch off.
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