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  4. Monday, 21 May 2018
My Rig: Windows 10
Cubase Pro 9.5.21 (64bit)
Yamaha Steinberg FW Driver V1.6.6
Firmware Version IEEE1394 V1.07
Motif XS VST Editor V 1.6.4
Motif XS6 connected to my PC via Firewire

This one is most likely for Mr. Bad Mister, but anyone with any thoughts is welcome to chime in.

Throughout my many happy (and continuing) years of use of this setup, I occasionally will have this (message seen in Photo 1) occur when launching the Motif XS VST Editor in Cubase.

What is this, and is there a more simple remedy?

I can tell you this:

- - The only cure or workaround I've ever found was to power down the Motif, and completely re-boot my computer.

- - - The problem used to happen whenever I would accidentally open two projects at once. (which is something I never need, it would just happen by mistake).

- - - The problem happens more frequently than ever now. My only discovered workaround presently is to power down/reboot, but also launch my main production template (which includes the Motif VST Editor being active), then closing that file and opening whichever project I need to work.

- -- Neither of the following will solve the problem:

1. Switching the item under "mLan Device" in the photo. When it's red, it's dead. (2nd photo)

2. In Cubase going to F4 Audio Connections and selecting or re-selecting "Yamaha Steinberg FW ASIO" under Audio Device.

I hope I've given enough information, clearly, so that you can help. I really appreciate it! - Pete Radd "Raddtunes"
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Bad Mister
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Hi Peter,
I really can’t see your attachments... for whatever reason they are small and out of focus. Please try to attach other screenshots, if possible. Or simply describe what you want to convey with the screenshot.

Not sure if it will have an impact but in the meantime... download and install the Motif XS Extension V1.6.1 for Windows. This is a Yamaha extension that helps configure your XS for Steinberg Cubase.
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Yay!!! - -Bad Mister to the rescue.

Motif XS Extension V1.6.1 for Windows is installed. (and has been for quite a while - I forgot to list it above).

I can describe what's in the photos:

Photo 1: The "mixer" view of the VST editor in song mode, but when the problem flares up, a red triangle shape appears mid-low screen with the warning: "Port Open Error".

Photo 2: This is the screen that appears after you hit "offline" in order to load sync up Cubase and the Motif. In this screen, under "mLan Device". . . Motif XS6 appears in red when the problem is happening. Although you can select it here, the red letters indicate that it's not really going to happen.

What's the prognosis Doc? :-)
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Bad Mister
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Well, the Motif XS is absolutely sure of what the problem is: “Port Open Error” and the red “Motif XS6” in the “mLAN Device” box agree the connection between the computer and the keyboard is not made.

Things to check:
__ The physical connection - a loose cable could be the cause (intermittent cable)
__ Ensure the Motif XS is powered on before you launch Cubase (during launch, Cubase scans the available and connected hardware; it is here you want it to “discover” the XS.
__ Go to the Motif XS and ensure that it is setup for MIDI IN/OUT = mLAN

Make sure your Motif XS is set to use the proper IEEE1394 Driver.
__ You are using the Yamaha Steinberg Firewire Driver, go to [UTILITY] > [F1] GENERAL > [SF4] AUTO LOAD > make sure the IEEE1394 Driver = FW. If not, select FW, then press [STORE] and reboot the Motif XS. Rebooting is necessary... the XS will now load the system that uses the new FW driver.

If you arrive at the Autoload option and it is set to “mLAN” (the old driver) this could cause the error... the XS (2007-2010) was the synth that transitioned from the old audio spec (mLAN) to the new FireWire driver based spec. Make sure it reads “IEEE1394 Driver = FW”

This parameter is apart of your Motif XS’ System settings... and therefore is saved to any File you make. If you load an All Data File that was setup with this parameter set to “mLAN” this could be responsible for changing your System settings. Remember to use the LOAD TYPE = “all without system” when loading an All Data File (.X0A) that you did not create on your system.

Let us know.
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The very safe bet is that the Motif parameters you mentioned (mLAN + FW/IEEE1394) were somehow being switched to the wrong position when an irregularity occurred on the computer.

When this problem occurs, I have your reply printed on a laminated sheet and will pull it out to test.

gRADDittude to you sir :-)
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