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  1. Darryl
  2. MOXF Series Music Production Synthesizers
  3. Saturday, 11 July 2015
Does anyone know if the flash modules for the Motif XF and the MOFX are interchangeable? In other words, are they the same part--for either the 1Gb or 512Mb versions--for both keyboards? I haven't found anything that is definitive stating that the FL1024M or FL512M is compatible with the MOFX series. Even though, they seem to be the only flash modules Yamaha offers. Thanks!
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Bad Mister
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Hi Darryl, welcome to Yamaha Synth!

The Yamaha FL512M and FL1024M are the Yamaha Flash Boards that work in the MOXF, Motif XF and Tyros 5.

When you initially place the board in a compatible product, you must FORMAT it to work within the instrument. So while any of the three products can use these boards, they each have their own system that must be installed on the board. You cannot move a board between products, unless it is a product in the same series.

Formatting not only clears all data on the Flash Board it uses a small amount of the room to install the product specific housekeeping/operating system.

A Flash Board that has been formatted by a MOXF can be moved to any other MOXF on the planet.
But if you move that same board to a Motif XF you will need to reformat it to the Motif XF system before you can use it in the Motif XF.

Hope that is clear.
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Very clear and comprehensive, thank you!

I own a MotifXF, and I'm looking for a smaller (a 7 or 6 size) Yamaha keyboard that could act as a more portable/lighter companion for small gigs. A companion, in the sense that user patches that I create on the MotifXF could be transferred to it. From what I have gleaned from the Yamaha product literature, the MOXF series is the best choice. Though, I know that the fidelity and timber of the patch will be somewhat inferior to the MotifXF. I this true, or is there another series I should be considering with such capabilities and for such usage?

Thanks again!
Bad Mister
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The MOXF sound identical to the Motif XF. They come in 88 weighted key and 61 synth action key versions. The MOXF with a Flash Board is compatible with Motif XF Voices; they share the same exact 3977 Waveforms in their 741MB WAVE ROMs. Take the blindfold test yourself, you will not be able to tell them apart. The MOXF8 is around half the weight of the Motif XF8 and about half the price. And the MOXF6 is about one quarter the weight of a Motif XF8 and about 1/3 the price.

The MOXF does not have a built-in sampler integrated into its sequencer, it does not include the (88) Balanced Hammer channel aftertouch keyboard, nor the (61) FSX synth action w/aftertouch, nor does it have an IEC power cable; no FW expansion possibility nor an option for a second FC7. The MOXF does not have a color screen... Those are the differences between the series. You will not hear a sonic difference between the series. This is why the MOXF Series is the best selling keyboard in the entire category! Period.

So getting a MOXF means you can load your .X3A Motif XF ALL data Library files directly into the MOXF... with full compatibility in the following areas: VOICE, PERFORMANCES, Waveforms, Mix Templates, User Arpeggios. (Songs and Patterns can be transferred using SMF protocol).

Hope that helps.
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Fantastic spec and feature comparison. Thanks so much!
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Note that the Moxf6 is a bit harder to use, IMO. I own the Motif XF6 and the Moxf6 and, for example, the faders on the Motif XF6 are missed when you are used to having them. The sequencer is harder to use due to the smaller screen. Of course the cost difference is substantial :) A person who was not used to the Motif XF might find it easier to get used to the Moxf6 as well.
Bad Mister
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The Motif XF does more, costs more, (rightfully so), and the more you spend, you might expect that the user interface gets more elegant. Bigger screen, knobs and sliders, more direct access, etc. I believe these are too be expected.
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I think that the Motif XF has one disadvantage compared to the moxf, it doesn't have transpose buttons on the operating panel! :)
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