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  4. Wednesday, 08 August 2018
Previously I downloaded the Motif XF Performances and installed them as a Library. I also went to some trouble setting the ones I liked as Favorites, and making a Melas Total Librarian file containing those Favorites.

As of 2.5, the Motif XF Performances are now Presets.

Does anyone know if the Preset versions are identical to the ones that were available as a download? If so, I can continue to use the Total Librarian file I already created. But if the Preset versions have been improved with respect to the download versions, I guess I’ll have to re-create the file. That’s a lot of work, so I don’t want to do that if it’s not necessary.
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... just addressing the comparison and nothing else:

"The XF Performances" is not specific. There was a download link for XF Performances that were not "montageized" and then there were the ones that were part of the series available for download which were "montagized". Certainly the non-montagized ones would be different.

However, if you wanted to compare - you could dump X7B files for both and compare. There would be little to no difference in the results if they were "the same".

Comparison could be done with a "diff".

The easiest thing would be to spin superknob in both and see what happens. If the sound changes in the same manner - then chances are the two Performances are the same.
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Thanks, Bad Mister.

This Montage feature might turn out to be useful (Owner’s Manual):

Compare function

The Compare function lets you switch between the just- edited sound and its original, unedited condition, allowing you to hear how your edits affect the sound.

Press the [EDIT] button while the Edit display is shown, so that the [EDIT] button flashes. In this status, the sound settings prior to editing will temporarily be reinstated for comparison purposes. Press the [EDIT] button again to return to the original status.
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Bad Mister
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The MONTAGE v2.50 is now different. You can continue to use your data as it is... and when you need to reclaim that Library location, then you can redo your software librarian. Whether they are exactly the same or not, the layout post 2.5 is different. Eventually you will need to redo your Librarian data, exactly *when* you decide to do that is really up to you. (We appreciate that it is a lot of work... if not in dire need of the Library slot, relax).

Just some suggestions... the Motif XF Performance data, (which was requested by many), is great source material for those into customizing and creating their own programs. Not everyone is adept at starting from scratch... While some programming was done to integrate some of what is new and different about MONTAGE, mostly they are provided as “jump off” points - hopefully, by converting and burning that data into the Preset ROM, the end user can start with one of these XF programs, begin to substitute Parts, change Arpeggios assignment, changing a little or a lot, the original data... then STORE your custom data to User.

The series of articles on “MONTAGifying Motif XF Performances” was all about how assembling the sounds and Arpeggios could be done to recreate the XF Performances (after all, all the components were included it was simply re-assembling them)... if you recall, in the XF all Performances were in User memory. They were designed to be rewritten/customized and then Stored. Now that the data has been added to the Factory ROM, you draw what you want from them and store your versions in USER.

(over)Simplification of the Concept:
If, in the Motif XF, Voices were the Main thing, Full Concert Grand (heavy programming), Velo Growl (upright bass, heavy programming)... creating the split Performance that uses these two Voices would be considered ‘light programming’. And that Performance wasn’t burned into ROM because how could Yamaha know where you need the split point? They were in User memory expecting the user to adjust the split point for their own use and overwrite the result.

Because the memory size of the MONTAGE is so massive (in comparison), the 512 Performances could be added to the Factory ROM ... the concept is now to use the Factory provided data - customize it... store it to User... Then create your own Library from them... and that is a longer process. Take your time...
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