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  1. Seymur
  3. Saturday, 21 February 2015
hi Bad Mister
im so sorry,my English is a little bit...im from Azerbaijan
i have a problem for motif xf editor...
when i want change ofline to online ,i have a text Firmware error
can you help me Bad mister?((
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Open Steinberg----create empty----VST Instrument----External Motif XF------was openning XF Editor and "VST INSTRUMENTS" folder, a "MOTIF XF VST" SubFolder with an Automation Lane and an Audio Lane i have a signal but dont have a sound((((
can you show me what i must change in VST Connection...send me screenshots please(
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i make every think what you say,but look the your screenshots and my screenshots
its not same..mabe this is a make problem for me????
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Bad Mister
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Yes, your screenshots are correct!!!! (My initial screenshot should have looked like yours... Sorry I cut and pasted "before" picture, not "after" picture... "Track Inspector View" screenshot is correct!!!)

When you play the Motif XF keyboard, what happens... ?
Do you see MIDI Activity on the MIDI Track?
Do you see keyboard on the Editor screen indicate the notes you are playing?
Do you see audio Activity in the Audio Lane?

No sound is a SAFFIRE issue, sorry, you must correct.
Connect headphones to XF ... you will hear audio.
Audio Activity in the Audio Lane means IT WORKS...

NO SOUND means problem with audio interface > Speakers...
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