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  4. Sunday, 02 May 2021
I recently added a MIDI pedalboard which I planned to use in keyboard splits working in Performance Mode. I now discovered another use of the pedal board as a second live solo part in SONG mode. However I need some help assigning the pedalboard to different tracks. Here is my set up: I have a SONG using TRACK 9 to Solo. I discovered that the pedalboard also still solos my Track 1 voice together with my Track 9 solo giving me, in effect two live (solo) tracks to work with. Can you tell me how to move this MIDI pedalboard to different SONG tracks? Sometimes, I might want to keep it on my assigned SOLO track to fatten it up a bit. Other times I might want my feet to play bass or some other voice live....Right now, the pedalboard seems by default to play thru Track 1. I tried a couple setting changes to REC / transmit channels but the pedalboard remains on TRACK 1.
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Bad Mister
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MIDI can be understood as a Transmit and Receive system
Track data Transmits on a Channel
The synth Part Receives data on a Channel
When the Track Transmit Channel matches the Part Receive Channel you have communication

The Motif ES when placed in either one of the two Sequencer Modes has 16 Tracks... conveniently the Synthesizer Tone Generator can set to 16 Parts.
Each Track can Transmit data on one MIDI Channel, 1-16.
The Song or Pattern Tracks each address one of 16 Parts — initially, Track 1 is set Channel 1, Track 2 is set to Channel 2, and so on.

The 16 Parts of the Mixing can be set to Receive on any MIDI Channel 1-16 — initially, Part 1 is set to Receive data on Channel 1, Part 2 is set to Receive on Channel 2, and so on.

You set the TRACK TRANSMIT CHANNEL as follows:
From the [SONG] or [PATTERN] screen
Press [F3] TRACK
Here you can set the TRANSMIT CHANNEL and PORT (USB/mLAN) for each of the Tracks. If you are using 5-pin MIDI the Port should be “off” or 1.

You set the PART RECEIVE CHANNEL as follows:
While in Song or Pattern mode press [MIXING]
Press [EDIT]
Touch a number button [1]~[16] to select a Part
Press [F1] VOICE
Press [SF2] MODE
Here you can set the PART RECEIVE Channel. (ReceiveCh)

Sorry cannot help you with your external pedal board except to tell you — if you are in Song or Pattern Mode, the external device Transmits through the Sequencer to the Tone Generator.

Also just so you know — Song Mixing and Pattern Mixing are the only Modes that the Motif ES can Receive on multiple MIDI Channels.
Voice and Performance Modes are single MIDI Channel modes.
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Got it.... Everything seems to match on the Motif ES. You caused me to look at the MIDI settings on the source (the pedalboard). I overlooked this step, thinking the ES is the traffic cop for my MIDI IN,...WRONG.... I determined that by default, my pedalboard sends on MIDI channel 1 which I can change. I should be able to change the pedalboard MIDI send channel to whatever channel and track I want the pedalboard to use which, in turn, should allow me to get my two live solo tracks, one triggered by the ES keyboard and one triggered by the pedalboard. Kinda cool turning SONG mode into a more interactive PERFORMANCE-like mode
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