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  4. Friday, 08 October 2021
I currently have 210 User Arp made up of 3 groups of guitar and drum arps that I purchased. I believe I was able to merge them together into one file using an editor called Arp Manager. I now have a third group of arps that I would like to add to my user arps to fill up the 256 available slots (46 empty slots). However, using the same Arp Manager app I am able to add them together up to 256 and save as a single USERARP.W7G file, but when I load and attempt to call up and play, my ES freezes as I scroll up to the higher slots. When I say freezes, I mean the ES becomes completely unresponsive. The only way to unfreeze is to power off/on. What am I doing wrong. How else can I add new arps to my existing user arp banks. I can't simply load them without erasing all existing arps. It seems like even when I created, stored and then loaded a USERARP.W7G file of what arps are in my ES from AUTOLOAD, the ES freezes too. It just doesn't seem to like working with USERARP.W7G files. Any thoughts how get everything together without freezing?
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You’ll need to contact the program authors (Keyfax.com)
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