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  4. Sunday, 28 June 2020
Is there still a working, Windows 10 compatible voice editor for the ES to show all the settings for the factory loaded USER 1 and USER 2 voices? I have Yamaha Voice Editor loaded inside Studio Manager but the two User voice banks are all blank. These USER bank voices are all listed in my Motif ES data list book.

I am trying to use a preset user CO category voice called Sunny (D06 / User 1 #54) in a performance. Of course, it sounds a lot different stripped of many of its voice setting. Therefore, I want to try to call up on my computer all the preset voice setting to make it easier for me to try to match my performance mix voice settings to the factory set voice. I thought I could see this within Voice Editor but no. Are these user bank factory voice setting available somewhere? I am pretty sure I am running the latest Studio Manager 2.3.1.

Plan B would be to try to export the settings for all these factory User Bank voice settings from my ES to my computer. Is this still possible thru USB with a Windows 10 computer? Is the Studio Manager and Voice Manager still able to transfer BULK or individual voice data back and forth to/from my ES? If so, can you walk me through the proper MIDI / port connections?

Hope you can help me find these User Bank voice settings somewhere, otherwise its going to be a few long nights going through all the voice editing screens using only by ES.

THX Phil
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Bad Mister
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From the article: Studio Connections Recall — A Getting Started Guide: Theory of Operation for using the Voice Editor & Multi-Part Editor

Launch the STUDIO MANAGER host application and setup a Default Workspace – when you first open the Studio Manager the “MODIFY WORKSPACE” tab of the SETUP view will be selected.

Your particular Workspace should include the editors for the products that you will use in this particular project. Let’s begin with the just the VOICE EDITOR. Place your Motif ES in [VOICE] mode.

SETUP... You want to [ADD ->] the “(VOICE)” Editor to your Workspace. Highlight it and click [ADD ->]

Click on the MIDI PORTS tab and set the MIDI Ports your system is going to use to communicate with the synthesizer.

The IN and OUT port must be active in order for the Editor to be able to select them and communicate.

For example, if you are using the Yamaha USB-MIDI function of your product as your MIDI interface, you would set the IN: “Yamaha USB In 0-1” and the OUT: “Yamaha USB Out 0-1”.

Once you have setup your Workspace...
• Click APPLY
• Click OK
This will place the icons of the Editors you have selected in a Quick Launch window. This window will contain all of the icons you want to associate with this particular project session.

• If you right click (i.e., [Ctrl + click] on the Macintosh) on the icon you can: set your Recall preferences, Remove the icon, initialize a synchronization session or even Open the editor.
• Double click the icon to launch the Editor
• Once the Editor opens click on SETUP and set the MIDI IN and MIDI OUT ports so that the EDITOR can communicate in both directions using the Ports you made available in Studio Manager.

This is very important: There are two sets of PORT setups. The previous Setup connected the Studio Manager host to your MIDI interface. This second port SETUP connects the VOICE EDITOR application to the Studio Manager.

• Also take note that on the SETUP page of the VOICE EDITOR that you can set the MIDI CHANNEL for communication – this will be important when we get to using the Editor during Multi operation. The Voice Editor can be directed to Edit any normal (non- Drum Kit) Voice in a Multi setup as long as you direct it to the proper MIDI channel. For now you can leave this MIDI channel set at the Basic channel of your unit, MIDI CHANNEL 1, after all, we are still in VOICE mode.

IMPORT the VOICE EDITOR data - you can import the Motif ES Internal User Banks
• Click on the RECEIVE icon. (Alternatively you can select SETUP > “Receive Voice Bulk” or press [CTRL] + [R] on the PC and [Apple_Command] + [R] on the Mac).
• Select the RECEIVE TYPE and click OK. This will initiate a bulk dump from the unit.

If you receive a “Receive Timed Out!” error message it will most likely be due to the following:
• You do not have valid MIDI In and Out port connections – double check your MIDI assignments. Each system is likely to be different (depending on what hardware interface you are using) but remember you have two different Setup pages and communication must be bi-directional (in and out).
• There is an interruption during the transfer operation.
• If you get through about three quarters of the way through the transfer and then receive a Timed Out error, this is typically caused by not having the PORT assignments set properly for the mode you are in. If the product is in Voice mode, the PORT of the PLG Boards should be the same as the host product.
• If you are using the Studio Manager application via USB make sure you do not have the THRU ON/OFF set to ON – check your MIDI-USB DRIVER setup, set THRU = OFF.

Select the Receive Type that is appropriate. If you have no PLG Boards select “Normal User 1 + 2 + Drum User”.
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OK - So Guess the answer is YES, Studio / Voice Editor still works to transfer voice settings between the Motif ES and my Windows 10 laptop. I just need to set it correctly following the detailed instructions you provided, correct?

I did a little more research about USER Bank 1, it seems that you guys (Yamaha) programmed from the factory, more original preset sounds in this bank, correct? They were buried for so long in my ES because I overwrote them long time ago thinking they were repeats like User bank 2. When I installed my AN Plugin board, the system restored these factory originals to User 1, it was like another ES hidden gem for me.
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