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  4. Tuesday, 29 October 2019
Is it possible to load Motif ES sounds on the MODX ?
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Bad Mister
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Yes it is. You can load Motif ES Voices as Single Part MODX Performances. You need to have the ES data in Motif ES Editor file format .W7E.

You’ll need to use the Motif ES Editor > to create a File Type the Motif XF Editor can Open
Once open in the XF Editor you can save the data in a file format that the MODX can translate.

The XF Editor translates the ES Editor data to a format that the MODX can read. There is no direct read... each later model contains a “lookup table” that is the key to making the Waveform substitutions. When a new Waveform has been substituted the next model will usually contain the table to make whatever compatibility there is going to be, possible.

User Samples are not transferable... only sounds that use Factory Waveforms.
And if I recall, the Arpeggios are different, as well. Only the Voices which become Single Part MODX Performances.

The Motif ES sounds never sounded so good. They are all four Elements and make ideal building blocks to build new programs from... they are much better for intermediate programmers who don’t want to necessarily start from absolute scratch when building custom programs... they are Super Knob and Common Assign Knob nude... so they make ideal candidates for getting deeper into programming and experimenting with the Motion Control Engine and all it brings to the table.

Frankly, I forgot how good some of those sounds were - still are...
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Ok, thank you very much.
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