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  4. Saturday, 27 June 2020
I just bought the Regenerator sound library to go with my AN board installed in slot 1. I would like to AUTOLOAD my favorite voices from this Regenerator Sound Library. I understand that these 128 voices were created using the Expert Editor and that I must first do a BULK load to put them all into the proper PLG preset bank BEFORE I can then load (edit) save and AUTOLOAD to a user PLG slot, Correct? Do I only need the BULK load file once to set up the AUTOLOAD? I other words, once a PLG voice is saved to a user PLG slot, ES has everything it needs in the user voice slot, to save, load and AUTOLOAD?

Next, in setting up my actual PLG AUTOLOAD file, can you confirm that I must rename only the W2B file I find from the sound library? Specifically, I found a file named REGRES-M.W2B. Do I make a copy and rename it AUTOLD1.W2B? and then put that file in the same AUTOLOAD Folder in my ES as my AUTOLOAD.W7A file. Good so far? However, I also found a file in Regenerator named REGRES-M.W3B. Do I need to rename that one too? In other words, am I renaming two files? One type W2B and one type W3B.

Next question, I found a conflict explaining what am I changing the file name (and type) to?
I read the following from your old Motifactor forum post that I am trying to reconcile to the Motif ES manual. First your following Motifactor forum post;.

"Rename the copy AUTOLD1.W2B/AUTOLD1.W3B if the PLG150-AN is in slot 1
Rename the copy AUTOLD2.W2B/AUTOLD2.W3B if the PLG150-AN is in slot 2
Rename the copy AUTOLD3.W2B/AUTOLD3.W3B if the PLG150-AN is in slot 3"

Now what page 135 of manual says to effect an AUTOLOAD;

File type File name

Plugin All Bulk 1 (for slot 1) --- AUTOLD1. W7B
Plugin All Bulk 2 (for slot 2) --- AUTOLD2. W7B
Plugin All Bulk 3 (for slot 3) --- AUTOLD3. W7B

Does this mean I need W7B files to AUTOLOAD? I don't see any other mention of a "W7B" type file in the manual. I searched the entire manual. Specifically, there is no mention of a W7B file extension on page 186 which diagrams all memory and file extensions supported by the ES. Was this W7B extension on p.135 a typo?. I also could not find any W7B files to start with in the Regenerator sound library. I only have a W2B and W3B file

Trying to reconcile all this. I am thinking don't change any file types, stick with W2B and W3B, just rename them both to AUTOLD1,W2B and AUTOLD1.W3B (for slot 1 board) and put them both in my AUTOLOAD directory with my AUTOLOAD.W7A file. Is this right?
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I am thinking don't change any file types, stick with W2B and W3B, just rename them both to AUTOLD1,W2B and AUTOLD1.W3B (for slot 1 board) and put them both in my AUTOLOAD directory with my AUTOLOAD.W7A file. Is this right?
That’s correct.

For simplicity’s sake always include the secondary file (w2b and w3b... w7a and w8a) — the system does housekeeping with this hidden file (although you never ‘see’ it listed in the instrument)

I would keep the original Regenerator Files on my computer and do the renaming on a Copy of them ... if you start to amass more Custom User AN Board banks, the letters “autold” (autoload) will stop meaning anything. So keep the original data in a safe location... then create your Auto Load flies by renaming copies... as you may need them.

In researching this - I found several “autold1.w2b”, “autold2.w2b” and “autold3.w3b” files from my Motif ES... while they would restore the 36/02 bank of the PLG150-AN Board, if I placed the AN board in the right slot (so stay consistent with your PLG150-series Board slots). But I have no idea which ones are which - they all are named the same thing. I remember my AN board was slot 3... but as to what’s in that bank - ? So from the viewpoint where you may have other sets that you want to autoload... keep your original files in a safe place, unchanged.

You only need the one .W7A file — this is an All data file (this includes all Voices, even the PLG USR Voices)... what the .w2b file does is restore the RAM bank of the PLG Board Voice (the one the Editor addresses). The PLG150 series AN Board physically went in many different products — understand the .W7A file as saving Motif ES specific settings - including those that address the PLG150-AN... Controllers, Effects, etc. everything including the OSCILLATOR WAVE location being addressed on the PLG.

Think of the PLG150-AN’s USER RAM bank (36/02) like it’s volatile samples - they’d need to be reloaded each power cycle. They revert to placeholder data if power is interrupted. This Board bank could be addressed by the CS6X, CS6R, S80, S30, Motif, S90, Motif-Rack, Motif ES, S90 ES etc... all parameters are native to the board itself.

Your ES treats the entire PLG150-AN sound like its an ELEMENT.
It treats the RAM Bank Board Voice (the data created in the AN Expert Editor) like volatile data that must be restored every time power is cycled. The Autoload routine will instruct your instrument not only to Load All data for the ES (.W7A) but the .w2b file will restore the volatile custom data to the PLG150 Board’s volatile RAM bank.
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OK - so no w2B files needed in AUTOLOAD unless I am working with the expert editor. THANKS AGAIN Phil !!
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