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  4. Saturday, 03 July 2021
I found that I am able to add Insertion Effects to my normal mix voices while in Pattern Mode, but what about drum voices in my mix? Can I edit them with insertion effects while in pattern mode too? There is no Voice Ed option, so i am thinking no, meaning i would need to create a USER Drum voice w/ Insertion and then assign it to a Part in my Pattern mix, correct?
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Bad Mister
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Sorry, it’s taken a while to get to your question… but I no longer have a Motif ES to refer to… so much of what follows is based on my memory and the similarity of the MO-series (MOX, MOXF) which had a similar layout to the Motif ES.

Drum Kit Voices must be assembled/edited in VOICE Mode—then you can place it in a Song/Pattern Mixing. Partially because of the sheer size and number of independent Elements with the Kit architecture.

Building a custom Kit and Effect Routing through a Drum Kit VOICE
A Drum Kit is really 73 different Instrument sounds in one VOICE. Each drum instrument (referred to as an Element) can have its own Volume, EQ, Pan position, routing to the effects, filter, envelope, etc., etc., etc...
Each drum instrument is typically triggered from a single KEY but can be one or more digital recordings (velocity switched).
From VOICE mode:
• Press [EDIT]
• Press Track [1] to view KEY parameters
• Touch a Key to view each instrument
• Press [F1] OSC (Oscillator)
• Press [SF2] OUTPUT
On this screen you can see the three parameters:
Ins Effect Output, Reverb Send, Chorus Send.

An individual drum Element can be routed either to the INSERT EFFECT OUTPUT or to the System Effects (Reverb Send/Chorus Send). It is either/or. If you route a drum to the INSERT EFFECT OUTPUT, you will notice that the System Sends disappear.

If the INS EFFECT OUT = 'THRU' then the drum is available to go through the Reverb and Chorus - you have send amount for each drum Element.

So you can setup a Compressor as one of the Dual Insertion Effects (this is a COMMON EDIT parameter) and then route individual drums either to the Compressor or not.

The Dual Insertion Effects in a DRUM VOICE can be "parallel". What that means is: there are separate signal paths to each... Or you can route INS A into INS B (or vice versa). In that scenario the output of one INSERT goes to the other. This routing applies to the entire KIT. (In the example used below, the routing is "parallel" - so each Drum can be sent to one or the other of the 2 Insert Effects...

From the main Drum Kit VOICE screen, press the [F6] EFFECT button (this is a shortcut to the [COMMON EDIT] > EFFECT > CONNECT routing screen). Move your cursor to highlight the KEY parameter in the extreme upper left corner (if it is not already there).
You can HOLD down [SF6] KBD and touch a key on the keyboard between C0 and C6 to recall the routing of each drum Key. In the upper left corner you can see that each drum KEY will be routed to one or the other of the Dual Insertion Effect or it will be available for Reverb/Chorus.

Look for a Kit called “Garage” (if I recall correctly it uses a Compressor as one of the Insert Effects)
While holding down [SF6] KBD you can quickly see and Edit if necessary - each Drum KEY's routing through the effects. Notice that KEY “C0” is selected and that it is routed to the REVERB and CHORUS processors. It does not go through the Insertion Effects.

If KEY C1 has been selected. This is a kick drum. And it is routed to INSERTION A, the Compressor. In this Voice you can see that the Insertion A and Insertion B processors are routed in “parallel”. You could select to have the routing configured A>B or B>A or as shown, parallel.

Because the KEY C1 is routed to the Insertion effect, notice that the Rev Send and Cho Send are not active for this particular key.

So if you want to send just the kick and snare to the compressor you can - when you STORE your Kit to a USER location, and then place it in a SONG MIXING or PATTERN MIXING program it will recall all of the edits you made here.

Here is the same information as seen from the EDIT KEY screen for “C1”. Notice that the “Ins Effect Output” = ins A. There is no Reverb Send and no Chorus Send for this drum.

If a drum is routed to the System Effects (Reverb Send and Chorus Send) it will respond when you raise the overall REVERB or CHORUS send level in the MIXING program, if however, the drum KEY was routed to one of the Dual Insertion effects then it will not be effected by the increase or decrease in the SEND level - it will instead be routed to the INSERTION EFFECT as designated in your VOICE.

In order for the drum keys that are routed to the INSERTION EFFECT to access their Insertion Effect, the drum PART must be one of the PARTS designated to recall its Insertion Effects in the MIXING setup.
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Definitely worth the wait.... Lots of great information to digest and apply.....learning to mix better using the right effects has been an amazing journey. Everything sounds SO much better together. THANKS AGAIN PHIL !!
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