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  4. Sunday, 08 December 2019
Working with a pattern using only five tracks containing user phrases that I recorded into the sequencer. When I started the sequencer and began playing a piano solo over the recorded tracks, I noticed a slight latency to the piano voice as I played... Why? Wondering if I am running out of available polyphony causing this latency. How do I determine this?

Can you help my determine (estimate) how many notes I am using in this pattern. Three of the recorded tracks shouldn't command many notes; just a one note bass, guitar pick and a counter melody voice. However, I do then have two tracks containing four and five note guitar strums simulations which I made using the chord sort and separate jobs... Given the close proximity of all the notes and that the release of many of the notes may ring over to neighboring notes, could this use up a lot of my 128 note bandwidth beyond just the four to five notes of the chords? FYI - I tried muting one of the two strum simulation tracks, Using only one of the two strum tracks, I was then able to play the piano over the remaining four tracks with no latency...As such, am I correct to assume that I may have indeed exceeded my 128 note limit trying to play two guitar strum simulations together? .
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Bad Mister
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AWM2 Polyphony is determined by the number of Elements that are being actively engaged at any time...Not the number of keys pressed. I would start by suspecting those Strumming guitars... mute them - play along - if the issue is lessened, you should go over the data generated by those strumming arps!

Without seeing the note data generated by the Arps we cannot tell what that data looks like... or what it is demanding in terms of polyphony.

A common mistake is to set Release Times that are too long. Try to never set the Release Time any longer than you actually need.
And hopefully your guitar Arp’s are not multiple note-ons for each note (can happen when you merge tracks to create Arpeggios... nothing would eat up polyphony like that!)
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Thanks Phil, you highlighted a couple things that clears up for me how polyphony is allocated and used up. Polyphony is measured not simply by notes but by how many elements are used (voiced) to play each note If I hit a four note four element mega voice chord, I might need as much as 16 notes of polyphony, correct? AND overlapping notes caused by long release times could also double, or even triple required polyphony on a given clock tick? I think I must have programmed all the above times two tracks and the result > 128. THANKS !!
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