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  4. Saturday, 11 June 2016
I've been working on an MJQ Performance that uses the Super Knob to morph between the Bosendorfer Imperial Grand Piano and Vibraphone MotorOn. Thanks to the excellent tutorials around here, I have it working about how I want it to.

In the process, I ran into something confusing, and I thought it might be helpful to others to describe what I figured out. And there's always the possibility that what I figured out is wrong, and if so I'd be happy to have Bad Mister or some other expert tell me about that.

In my Performance, Part 1 is drums, Part 2 is bass, Parts 3-5 are the Bosendorfer, and Parts 6-7 are the vibraphone. I have the COMMON Assignable Knobs set up so that Knob 3 controls Part 3's COMMON Assignable Knob 1, Knob 4 controls Part 4's COMMON Assignable Knob 1, and so on. In each of Parts 3-7, COMMON Assignable Knob 1 controls the Part Volume. To keep the different Part Volumes in proper proportion, I used the Super Knob display to control the range of each of the COMMON Assignable Knobs. So one of those knobs might have a range of 0 - 41, while another might have a range of 0 - 127. The morphing happens because the knobs controlling the piano Parts have ranges like 71 - 0, while the knobs controlling the vibraphone Parts have ranges in the other direction, like 0 - 100.

What was confusing to me was how this all related to the volume controls visible on the Performance Home screen and the volume controls on the Mixing screen. I was experimentally setting them to different values to see what effect that would have, and getting results that made no sense. What I finally figured out was that there is no relationship at all.

When you have the Super Knob controlling Part Volumes, the Performance's COMMON Assignable Knobs have absolute control over each Part's volume (e.g. if the knob is set to 53, the corresponding Part Volume will be 53), regardless of where the volume controls on the screen are set. I verified this by setting the screen volume controls for Parts 3-7 to zero. Everything still worked exactly the way it did before I set the volumes to zero.
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