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  1. Thor
  2. CP4/40
  3. Monday, 14 December 2020
Hi again. I've been given useful help on my previous questions - and here is one more: When connecting an external keyboard (Nord) via MIDI to use sounds from that on my CP4; Can the connection be switched off in one single performance on the CP4, so that it is turned on again in other performances? My "deafult" setup sends the Nord-sounds to the main part on the CP4, and is controlled with a volume-pedal as a layer. Problem is that in some performances I would like the CP4 not to recieve the Nord-sound, withour having to turn the sound off on the Nord.
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Are you feeding the Nord’s output to the 1/8” input on the back of the CP4 or do you mean that you’re controlling the CP4 from the Nord’s keyboard via MIDI?

I don’t know of any way to control the mix from the CP4 aux jack in a Performance.

On the other hand, controlling which Performances respond to MIDi is pretty easy.
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I think that instead of "Nord-sound" you mean "Nord-MIDI." That is, when you play keys on the Nord, it plays sounds on the CP4 main part, and you want this not to happen, for certain performances.

I think the answer is "no". The simplest workaround would be to basically disable the Main part, and play only the layer & split. (You could set Main volume to zero, and program the actual "main" sound as the layer.) That prohibits you from using any actual layered sounds for these performances, though.

I walked through the whole performance menu and I'm pretty confident that it doesn't have what you want. The logical place for it would be Part: Main, Receive Switch, where you can disable receiving each type of control input, but there isn't a selection for "Notes."

My main rig used to be a Nord Electro 2/74 over the CP4, and that was a great setup. Lost all my gear in a house fire; I replaced the CP4 but so far, not the Nord.
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