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  3. YC61 Stage Keyboard
  4. Monday, 01 June 2020
Hi, Is there any way to Clean up the Rtr B leslie effect?? That would make it Much more useful..You don' t need a Distorted Overdriven Dedicated Leslie... That way you could have Two Custom Leslies.. Just make it so you can Clean it up... Please.. Thanks..
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The only changes you can make are in the menu concerning the speed, acceleration, level, background noise & stereo/mono etc. of the horn & rotor. You can also change the leakage & click levels. Rtr B is supposed to be dirty compared to the A option. Also the "Tone" & "Drive" dials change this effect.
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  2. YC61 Stage Keyboard
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It's Still needs to be tweeked By Yamaha...
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  2. YC61 Stage Keyboard
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