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  1. Phil
  2. MONTAGE Series Synthesizers
  3. Monday, 18 October 2021
I'm having trouble with my Montage touch screen. It is actuating from vibrations through the synth when UI is not even pressed. You can press 'outside' the touch panel (on the plastic chassis of the synth) and see from the red and white dot animation that the Montage is actuating the touch panel. Sometimes the audition button is pressed by accident! It's just basically glitching out. I bought the keyboard used and wondering if it took a big fall causing this behavior. I tried re-calibrating the touch panel several times, but it doesn't help. Are any of you having any touch panel issues. I'm hesitant to take it apart to look, but maybe there is something evident from visual inspection...
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Bad Mister
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The instrument should be looked at by an authorized service center. If pressure on the aluminum chassis affects items in the screen and/or the [AUDITION] button is activating when not pressed, it could be a damaged circuit board. It should be looked at by technicians. asap
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