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  1. Vanessa
  2. MONTAGE Series Synthesizers
  3. Sunday, 19 September 2021
I have a Montage 7, less than a year old. Just this evening it started cutting in and out really bad while playing. All patches, same ones I've used for months without issue. The sound just completely cuts out in the middle of playing. I fear it's something in the circuit board, because the problem exists whether I'm using the main outputs or the headphones jack.
It hasn't been dropped or spilled on, there have been no electrical spikes, and I keep it covered with a dust cover when not in use. It's in immaculate condition.

Has anyone else had this issue with the Montage 7? And since the keyboard is less than a year old, should I just contact the dealer for repair or Yamaha?

I buy Yamaha products because I've had many great keyboards over the years without any problems, but this issue is infuriating.
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Bad Mister
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Before you take it in to your dealer, you should ensure it is not an error in your setup. For example, eliminate the possibility that this is caused by a connection to a computer or other host device. The problem you describe in both main and headphone outputs could be caused by a bad connection or inappropriate connection between the MONTAGE and a device for which it is acting as an audio interface. Completely disconnect the USB cable.

If not connected to any other device, then naturally, your first recourse is your music store… it is under warranty. The authorized service center can make a determination of the exact issue.
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