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  3. MONTAGE Series Synthesizers
  4. Thursday, 16 November 2017
Bad Mister is back with another "how-to" for converting Motif XF Parts to MONTAGE Performances.

Questions or comments? Use this discussion string for your conversation.

And stay tuned - more to come.
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Thank you Cassie and Phill ;)
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  2. MONTAGE Series Synthesizers
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Bad Mister
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The article is as much on the functions within the Parts as it is about a single Performance. One way to use these articles is to change the components as you explore and experiment. If the Arp phrase that is selected doesn’t appeal to you change it. But don’t miss the point being made about the Drum Kit itself. It’s the focus, not the genre. Just because the genre is not your thing don’t miss the study of the BAND PASS FILTER, it can be used on other instruments, in other styles of music. It’s the focus of the discussion, not the genre. If synth bass is not your thing, don’t miss the point being made about XA CONTROL and how they created four different bass tones available from a Single Part... if you dismiss the article based on the genre of the Performance, you may miss the important reason for the article to exist at all.

By the time you’ve gone through this and made the substitutions that appeal to your sense of style(s), it will be an entirely different Performance. Also covered in this article is a look at the Effect Routing, this applies to all genres of music, even those unidentifiable to the ear. 2018, indeed, that’s for you to design... try making substitutions and exploring the parameters. If all you do is download the Performance and don’t do the study, we understand your reaction, but there is something to learn from every Performance.
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  2. MONTAGE Series Synthesizers
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Thanks again Bad Mister! Every one of these articles teaches me something new, and reinforces what I have picked up so far. I am finding that the performances I create now are much deeper, and satisfying. Keep em coming, much appreciated!
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  2. MONTAGE Series Synthesizers
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