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  3. Friday, 01 February 2019
I'm trying to figure out whether I can store multiple CC assignments to Faders 1-8 on my Montage 8. Case use would be controlling different Kontakt libraries in Cubase which would require different fader assignments.

If I use my Montage in Remote Plugin mode, I can set all of the assignments, but this appears to be a Global parameter so NOT one I can change per Performance.

This article details how CC assignments can be saved per Performance in the Controller Assignment page, BUT it appears the Faders are not included.


Am I missing something, or is it simply not possible to save Performance-specific Fader CC assignments?
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The referenced article does not include remote control mode at all. The modes to assign sliders to CC values using these new DAW remote features were added to the firmware after this article was written. The CC values for Performances and CC values for DAW remote are different animals.

I have not experimented much with DAW remote mode - although having multiple "templates" for different plugins may be a good idea.

Alternatively, can you change the CC assignments on Kontakt's side?

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Sorry, Jason - I may not have been clear. The article details how controller assignments can be saved to Performances. It does not, however, seem to have a way to save the Fader assignments. If you look at the attached picture, only the knobs and switches are included, not the Faders.

The only way to assign CCs to Faders seems to be in Remote mode, which is a Global mode.

As far as changing assignments in Kontakt, that's of course, very possible, but with a 1,000+ track orchestra template in Vienna Ensemble Pro, it's very tedious. Up till now, I've been using a Peavey PC1600x with different pages set up for different libraries' default assignments.

The other advantage of having multiple controller sets is it allows you, in the case of Kontakt instruments for example, to set up a "Performance" page, and a "Mixing" page. So, I might have a page dedicated to things like Expression, Breath, Volume, etc, and I would have another page dedicated to mic positions. Yes, I *could* try to assign all of the mics from different libraries to a set number of faders, but many of the libraries have different mics, especially Spitfire Audio and some of the newer publishers, so I've found it more practical just to have separate pages for different libraries.
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You were clear - I was just pointing out that the article is far removed from sliders and also historically that the tutorial pre-dated the remote control feature. Except for the DAW remote features (which came in a future firmware update relative to the article), you cannot change the CC of sliders.

As mentioned, it's not a bad enhancement request - but I think you're stuck either modifying the DAW settings or placing something between that can do the translation for you (and maintain a way to do multiple presets).

Most plugins I search for are limited in CC reassignments or in management (saving profiles).

Camelot doesn't do CC translation - at least not for the iOS version.
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