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  4. Friday, 18 January 2019
... I wonder what Yamaha's bringing to the MIDI 2.0 plugfest. Montage has been shown (probably with custom firmware) to handle MIDI-CI at least during the MIDI-CI presentation / conference. The MIDI 2.0 spec isn't public yet - but it seems that MIDI-CI could be some part of it (even though this works fine also within MIDI v1). There's some electrical options for MIDI 2.0 (I'm guessing) that Montage would stay legacy - but I'm wondering more from a protocol standpoint. If not - then there's a chance of a fast-follow synth with MIDI 2.0 in order to meet the spec release cadence. There's time for things to settle - but it (MIDI 2.0 finalization) seems to be on the home stretch.

Maybe the more full-blown workstation is waiting for MIDI 2.0 so something in a different category is in the wings. Still curious about some of these features as, at least, MIDI-CI would enable better software integration for something that tries to scarf the Performance names among other things.
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No "bites" here - so I'll just update with what's public.

A Motif XF retro-fitted with MPE-ish controls (think Roli-like) sensors on the keyboard and also used as a controller to demonstrate MIDI 2.0: https://youtu.be/zOysm_lZJmg

Above Motif XF demonstrating use of retro-fit sensors for volume using MIDI 2.0: https://youtu.be/okrZYm5OJzo

Above Motif XF demonstrating use of retro-fit sensors for pitch using MIDI 2.0: https://youtu.be/x2QxFnsKWMQ

Above Motif XF demonstrating changing note to key association: https://youtu.be/FWf2y7dzULQ

Yamaha R&D participating in plug-fest (showing Montage and Motif communicating through a protocol translator box): https://youtu.be/UQx1L6nojGE

I'm guessing that the mac is receiving MIDI 1.0 from standard ports of the XF (in those XF videos) and not that the Motif XF has some custom firmware to do MIDI 2.0. Then, I imagine, the Mac handles the MIDI 2.0 protocol heavy lifting.

Still wondering with all this plugging and experimentation if we will see our current hardware able to adopt some of these features. The property exchange stuff would help manage the tons of content (presets, etc) using external tools more effectively.

If the sensor is more exciting than my original question (about MIDI 2.0) - you can learn more about it here http://touchkeys.co.uk/
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Bad Mister
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I'm sorry, I really didn't see a question here. MIDI 2.0 will be backward compatible.
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Right, that wasn't the question. More like casting out a wish, wasn't necessarily expecting roadmap response unless Yamaha was to be generous on this one. I was wondering if the work around MIDI 2.0 would make its way into Montage so the new features could be used which would improve interoperability with software.
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Perhaps Yamaha was waiting on more of the specification to become finalized. More specs were released recently. Back in February, 5 core specs were adopted and "today" there are 8 more.
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