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  4. Wednesday, 28 February 2018
The Montage Expanded download looks very interesting to me. Was curious about others thoughts on this who are using it.
Thank you in advance for any information.
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References for context:


Description (from Yamahamusicsoft):
“MONTAGE Expanded” was produced by Yamaha Music Europe in cooperation with EASY SOUNDS and Cool Webinars. It contains a high-quality compilation of Performances of different categories.

“DX7-Selection“ - 128 Performances
“EASY SOUNDS” Selection – 64 Performances
“Multiple Choice” by Cool Webinars – 64 Performances

The "DX7 Selection" is based on 128 original DX7 Voices. It is a selection from sound categories like electric piano, chromatic percussion, guitar, organ, brass, and some more. After the import, they were refined with effects as well as suitable Super Knob routings.

The "EASY SOUNDS" selection contains a selection from the following premium MONTAGE Soundsets:

MONTAGE Phat Analog
MONTAGE Live Instruments
MONTAGE Nature of Chill

"Multiple Choice" by Cool Webinars are 64 new MONTAGE Performances, which are divided into the following groups:

Best Of Both Worlds - FM-X & AWM2 (8 Performances)
FM-X - From Digital to Analog (8 Performances)
Keyboarder's Advantage (8 Performances)
Groovy MONTAGE (16 Performances)
Single-Part Piano- and E-Piano-Collection (8 Performances)
Chillin’ Pads & Spheres (8 Performances)
Musical & Sound Effects (4 Performances)
Cool 8Z Drum Kits (4 Performances)


This is a compilation set with selections from other full sets. Should you like this free release, consider purchase of the full sets to get more quality performances.
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Hi, to complete Jason information's you can find a dedicated page on my site Moessieurs, use the google translator tool in top banner, not perfect but enough good to understand :

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The 'Expanded' library is nice, I use a lot of the stuff in it. I wonder about your concerns though, simply download it and put it into your Montage (via USB memory stick) as a Library file, use it and see what you like or dislike. If you don't like it at all simply delete it. The Montage has room for 8 library's, so it's not taking up much space. Give it a go, I'm sure you'll like it.
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Its a really nice compilation from Easy Sounds, I had and ended up buying FM-Xperience pack. I am very impressed with the quality of the work, they really get the Montage FM-X engine to shine in the pack. I havent tried any of the others..... but the expanded pack gives you a nice taste of what EasySounds and Montage can do. Right now I have 2 additional libs, the Motif legacy lib...which is fun to Montage up by adding assignments superknob etc, and then FMXpereience where adding some new FM-X parts just add so much to the performances.
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