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  1. David
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  3. Thursday, 16 February 2017

Montage is a great and powerful machine, but the sequencer is a fundamental piece. In mi case, I need something to launch a metronome with measure changes.

When I was a motif user, I could record a track with a beep beep beep on channel 16 to sound through the assignable out.

In montage I have tried this using the recorder, but is not user friendly... First I need select a performance then push play, select song, and press play again. All this for each song.

But, today I had an idea... one arpeggio with two notes to simulate the metronome in the part 16.. but this have a problem again... The arpeggio don't starts while I don't press any key in channel 16.
Then I had another idea. With a Midi cable, from Output the Montage to Input of the same Montage, and configuring the Zone in the Part number 1 to route to channel 16.

Have I expressed myself well? (English is not my mother tongue, and it is difficult to me).

I have a concern ... can this connection be harmful to the keyboard? (midi cable from output to input of the same keyboard).

Because... it solves 100% my dependency with any sequencer...

Best regards,
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Does the metronome click not serve this function? All without "burning" a PART and without having the MIDI loopback cable?


Montage 6/7/8: Set Record Click (Metronome)

1) Press the [UTILITY] button

2) In the display, tap [Tempo Settings] to call up the Tempo
setting display.

3) Set the Click “Mode” to 'Rec'

A. 'Rec' The click sounds only during recording
B. 'Rec/Play' The click sounds during MIDI recording AND playback.
C. 'Always' The click will always sound
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The metronome function is not usefull to me... I need a program with automatic measure changes... because I need the two hands while this changes are succeding automatically.
Other thing, is I don't know how can set a 6/8 in performance mode if I want this in a moment.
And, other thing, is that 6/8 sounds like a 3/4, it have not subdivisions... at least I don't find this option...

But I need this sequence with automatic changes...

The loopback could damage the keyboard?
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I'm not sure I understand your automatic measure change comment. I do understand your time signature / beat division comment. If 3/4 was coming out, then I would change the "beat" setting under tempo utility to 1/8th notes. If I wanted to further subdivide the beat, I'd set it to 1/16th notes. Usually when I use metronome and a recorder, I slow the tempo down and use 16th notes as the beat sub-divider. I don't have the keyboard setup right now and I'm having some technical difficulties at the moment (memory leak or some issue - hardly any windows are working). So I can't look up what the different click types (sounds) offer in terms of strong beat emphasis.


The above link goes into the arp detail - although not with a loopback cable as it assumes having enough unused slots not to have to do a MIDI out to MIDI in.

There should be no issue connecting the Montage's MIDI OUT back to itself electrically. The MIDI out port is designed to connect to any other device's MIDI input and the MIDI in port is designed to connect to any device's MIDI output. You could connect two different Montages together Out1-to-In2 and In1-to-Out2. There's nothing electrically different when connecting the Montage to itself (Out1-to-In1) vs. connecting to a different Montage. If we get into circuit theory - then technically, there is a high probability of some difference - but this is the type of difference like a dark blue sweater vs. a navy sweater. They both work as sweaters and hardly anyone can tell the difference in color. Read: no damage or any other electrical problems would be incurred by connecting a Montage MIDI out to the same Montage's MIDI in.
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Thank you, that's what I assumed, but I wanted to be sure.

In some performances, I am using the first 8 parts configuring splits, layers, etc. Then, if I want use a extra channel with an arpeggio simulating a metronome, then I need use a loopback and configure routes with Zone.

When I say "I need automatic measure changes", I mean that I need a metronome with for example, four measures with 4/4, and sudenly one 6/4, and later maybe more 4/4s and then more measures with 5/4, etc... all these changes in one only song. (It is an example only).
Currently, the only way to get this behaviour is with a midi track with all clacks preconfigurated.
And the only way to play this track, I think is with a arpeggio, because the player/recorder, is not user friendly to using in live.

I think that Yamaha could add the option loopback in Zone, in a future firmware, it could be wonderful :)

Thanks for the info!
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I catch what you're throwing now. Thanks for the detail.
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