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  4. Sunday, 29 October 2017
Hi all,
here is my problem. I connected my Montage to my Mac Mini and used in the connection with Logic Pro X newest version. If I play notes from a Softsynth not all notes are playing. but the polyphony is okay.
If I play the notes with my Komplete KOntrol Keyboard it works well.
What I'M doing wrong here?
I test it with Local on and Local off.
It will be great, if someone can help, because to play on the Komplete Kontrol thing is not my way. The Montage 8 has the better keys.
Thanks for help
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Midi I/O = Single?
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Bad Mister
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I test it with Local on and Local off.
Don’t guess... turn Local Control OFF. You are wishing to use the MONTAGE as a MIDI Controller... you want to play the sounds of some plugin on the computer... [UTILITY] > touch “Settings” > “MIDI I/O” > Set Local Control = OFF.

LOCAL CONTROL = OFF means you have disconnected the MONTAGE keyboard from the MONTAGE tone generator. So playing the keys and controllers will be sent Out via MIDI. It is for you to route where (what tone engine) plays in response. You do so inside your DAW... set the MIDI Track to Receive MIDI In from the MONTAGE-1 (Port 1), Set the MIDI Out = whatever it is you want to play.

Turn Local Control Off, if you are not getting the plugin to sound, then you must work with a setting routing the MIDI In and Out In Logic... simply follow the Signal Flow. You press a key on the MONTAGE. This sends a MIDI message... make sure your MONTAGE is set to MIDI I/O = USB.

The key-on message (signal) travels from the MONTAGE and travels Out via USB. Your next place is to make sure it arrives in your computer DAW. Create a MIDI TRACK with MONTAGE PORT 1 as the Input... your computer Ports. Port 1 is what you want to select as the MIDI In to the MIDI Track.
The MIDI Out of that Track should be set to the plugin you want to play.
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