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  4. Sunday, 26 June 2016
Hi to all and the Yamaha guys,
in this thread I will post from time to time how accessible this machine is.
First I want to say thanks for making this thing not only to use with the Touch Screen.
The first thing I tested was the Shift function with the 2 rows of the right panel (A1 - A6 and A9 - A14).
And it works like the same as the F and sF buttons in Motif XF. Thanks for that.
I test it in the connection of loading an old Motif XF File. And it works. The structure is a little bit different but I think that can be solved by learning the displays and remember them in our heads.
navigating with the Cursor buttons work the same as in the Motif series.
In the next view months I will make some skills and tutorials to understand this beast.
And I will create some ideas to make this machine mor accessible for partial sighted and blind users.
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Hi again,
here is a first idea I have.
Kurzweil wrote a display reader for the K2000 some years ago.
It grabbs the information out of the board via MIDI and tells the user that with the speech engine from a ScreenReading software.
It works fine I heard.
Is there a chance to grabb all information via MIDI?
And is there a software in the world that can use for put in all the MIDI data?
Or is here one or more programer to tell if it is possible to do that?
Thinking about a App for the iPad or iPhone thing. Because Apple brings a lot of know how into making there machines accessible for us. Programers can find information hot to make their programms acessible to work with Voice Over the ScreenReading software well.
Please, do that for us. So in the future we can use the Apps the same as sighted users can do.
All the best
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Hi all,
here is a very interesting thing. I hope You the Yamaha programers jump on it.
Native Instruments wrote an Accessibility tool for blind users working well with there Complete stuff.
If Yamaha programs there VST editor for the Montage well, it can be work integrated into Komplete and the parameters will be accessible for partial sighted and blind users.
I will ask NI if they will open the helping tool for other instruments like the Montage.
It is a great thing NI does.
Please, take a look on it.
Sorry, for my bad English.
I hope all of You understand what I mean.
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Bad Mister
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No VST EDITOR for Montage has been announced. Sorry.
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Hi all, here is now the first thing I do with the help oft the Music Pruduction Guide and my girlfriend. She helped me to make the skills and small tutorials here in the forum.
Hans-Peter does a great job with his articles in the Music Produktion Guide.
I do his first explanation to bring mor than one PART in a PERFORMANCE.
And so it works as a totally blind user:
Before starting we do this small thing to be Sure to be in the right display later. Normally if You press the PERFORMANCE button automaticly You will stay in the HOME screen. But to be sure press SHIFT+A1.
And now we do a double PART PERFORMANCE as a layer:
1. first press the CATEGORY SEARCH button and search the PERFORMANCE You like with one PART. To check out if it is a one PART PERFORMANCE press the MUTE button on the right between the second and third row and than press the A1 to A16 buttons to check if it is a one PART PERFORMANCE.
2. Now press the PERFORMANCE button.
3. Now press the CURSOR UP button sometimes to be sure standing in the highest row of the navigating screen. I think this is the title of the PERFORMANCE.
4. To bring on one more PART on Your work press the PART button on the right in the panel You like to use. I think PART 2 will be the best (Press A2).
5. Now the CURSOR jump into the right field on the screen. I not, press CURSOR UP sometimes to be sure standing on the title of the PERFORMANCE and one CURSOR DOWN to jump on the first SELECTION FIELD it's called ASSIGN.
6. Press once again the CURSOR DOWN button. Now You will stay on the PART FIELD that is sorted from left to right from 1 to 16. If there is no sound on it the sighted users can see a plus.
7. Press ENTER to bring up the new PART.
8. Now You can search for Your second sound that You need for Your PERFORMANCE.
9. Please use the DATA WHEEL or the DEC/INC buttons or press the buttons on the right panel with the four rows and eight buttons in the row. The first two rows are the MAIN CATEGORIES, the third is the SUB CATEGORY row and the last one presents the first 8 sounds of the CATEGORY.
10. If You have done it press the STORE button following by ENTER. Now I think here is the NAME input so I press one more the ENTER key. If it is an PRESET it will saved in the next free user slot I think. If it is a USER PERFORMANCE it will overwrite it. At this time I do not know how to bring this PERFORMANCE in other slots without sighted help.

So, now I will explane the navigating screen You can use with the CUrSOR buttons.

1st row: TITLE
2nd row: ASSIGN (1-16 I think from left to right)
3rd row: PART (1-16 from left to right)
4th row: ARP ON/OFF (1-16 from left to right)
5th row: RAnGE UP/DOWN (1-16 from left to right as two parameters on one PART)
6th row: MUTE ON/OFF (1-16 from left to right)
7th row: SOLO ON/OFF (1-8 from left to right)
I hope it works. Let me know if there is a mistake in my explanation.
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Hi all,
I made two very bad mistakes in discribing the thing above.
Here is the correction:
If You are on the 2nd Part You must press ENTER followed by pressing the INC/YES button to open up the Part and merge it with the first one. If You finished the Performance search press PERFORMANCE.
In the Display discription I forgot on the right from MUTE and SOLO You can find Volume Sliders. But for us totally blind users it is better to use the Sliders on the left side to bring the mix into the right position.
One mor mistake I do ist to say in the solo row 1-8. Sorry, it is 1-16.
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Now it is time to come whith some new things in tihs thread!
First of all John Melas Tools for the Montage are released. The Performance Editor is not accessible now, but will be in the next version.
Total Librarian is full accessible in Windows. I think it will be work in MAC too.
From now it is easy to organize our Performances and in the future we can put hands on AWM2, Drumkits and FM-X.
It was a dream of mine to put hands on FM. In the next future it will be possible.
In the next message I will shortly discribe how the Total Librarian works for us.
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Hi Rainer, by the way, I read all of your montage related posts, keep up the good work and look forward to your explanation on the total librarian. I'm blind and I'm considering getting a montage, is it accessible enough for me to play with presets, change parameters (eventually with the performance editor) ? Is there a better choice accessibility-wise that would be as high end as the montage ?
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