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  1. Daniel
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  4. Saturday, 24 September 2016
When I press around at the top third of the touch screen, the screen acknowledges exactly the point that I touch.

The further down the touch screen I go, the further to the left of my finger the acknowledgement is.
It's like the bottom 2/3 of my screen is not calibrated properly.

So for example, say I'm on the category search screen.
I want to press the audition button on the bottom left of the screen.
I need to place my finger about 2cm to the right of that audition button to get a hit!
For small buttons this is really annoying and difficult!!!!

Is there a way to calibrate?
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Yes - Settings System Calibrate Touch Panel
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Bad Mister
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Be sure you have removed and discarded the plastic protection sheet that comes from the factory.

Press [UTILITY] + [COMMON] (upper Common) to take the shortcut to Calibrate screen.
Touch the box, chase the box five times around the screen from your seated angle.
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