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  4. Monday, 17 September 2018
Can someone confirm the width (length) of MODX7? I had read 44" at numerous sites, but this morning I saw it posted on a Yamaha website at 45". This is critical to me - I want to get MODX7 into an ATA molded flight case with an overall external length at/under 50" (for baggage over-size surcharge reasons).

Anybody already get their MODX7? Could you measure it?
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Bad Mister
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MODX7 ~ 45-1/16" x 13-1/16" x 5-1/4", 16 lbs 5 oz
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darn - thats then a personal problem. so we're not gonna find an inch of "wiggle room" in that number? lol ... can I get a 73-key version? :)

weird so many retail sites that posted specs all posted 44". sigh ...
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Praise be the Gods of Airline Keyboard Carriers - i've misspoken. Turns out that for most airlines the allowable length for standard checked baggage is 62", not 50". No longer remember where I fantasized this 50" spec limit, probably confused with the 50 lbs limit. Hallelujah!

In fact, some will allow you to carry-on on board if less than 56".

I'm stoked, love it! sorry to bother all with such trivial non-technical matters but it is an imperative operational spec for me.
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