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  1. Nigel
  2. MODX Series Synthesizers
  3. Monday, 06 January 2020
I have been using my MODX7 for some time now, but I am not really a programmer or active sound designer so use mostly preset performances or mildly modified performances. I have recently restructured my small studio as follows: MODX7 as hub of whole system, Dave Smith Pro2, Roland Boutique D-05, Alesis Strike Multipad and guitar via Behringer mixer so that individual levels and eq of these and be controlled or muted for recording, then mixer main outputs to external audio input of MODX7. MODX7 main outputs to Genelec monitors. MODX7 USB audio to iPad running Cubasis 2 for recording audio. It all works perfectly, or so I thought but have been getting an annoying anomaly.

The volume level of what is coming through the external audio input varies depending on which performance is selected on the MODX7. For example: I choose a performance on the MODX then set a level on say the Pro2 to give me the balance I want. If I then change to a different performance on the MODX7 then the level of the Pro2 will change depending on which performance has been selected. Sometimes the level change is small, sometimes major depending on which performance. I am no expert on the functions of the MODX7 and have looked through the audio setup options to see if anything obvious is having an effect but have drawn a blank. Apologies if this has been answered on the forum before, but any help would be appreciated - it's getting a bit annoying as it messes up my workflow.
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Bad Mister
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Hi Nigel, Welcome to YamahaSynth!

The A/D Input can be setup and used globally or you can opt to use it as a programmable setting per Performance (default).

On the screen, touch the “FX” option on the very top line of the screen. Here you can set “Global A/D” if you want the same setup to apply throughout (On), or set Off and program the settings on a per Performance basis.

By setting “Global A/D” = On the settings you make for the AD IN will apply throughout all Performances, there will be no interruption or change in the audio when changing MODX programs.
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Thanks Bad Mister, that worked for me. I didn't think of looking in FX for a solution, knowing that does make my life easier :D
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