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  4. Friday, 26 October 2018
Hi, I own a MODX7 and a Motif XF7 and when I midi them together and Change Patches, the MODX7's Volume doesn't hold so I get Max Volume with the Next Performance I choose..So I went to Utility,Controller Reset and put it to Hold and Stored it and via Midi it still goes to Max Volume while being controlled from the XF7.. If i take the FC7 out of the XF7 and plug it into the MODX7 ,it works fine..This is a Critical issue if you play multiple keyboards Live, So Can you do a Software update and get it to respond to Controller Hold via Midi Please?? Also I read it responds to Aftertouch and it doesn't, only the Sequencer part,We Need it to respond Live from a controller.. Can you Fix that too.. Please..Thanks..
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I understand you want to use the FC7 on the Motif XF to control expression (volume) on MODX through a Performance change initiated by Motif XF sending MSB/LSB messages.

That said, I'm going to not really address that directly and just "express" a few things you can do to perhaps manage your results.

The volume of the MODX Performance, when you recall this Performance, is set by the programmed volume settings inside the Performance. If you want the Performance to start at a different volume when recalled - you can edit the programmed value in MODX. If a preset, you'll need to make a User bank copy of the preset with the volume you want OR create a Live-Set pointer to the preset Performance and then apply a volume override in the Live-Set. Live-Set can be recalled with its own MSB/LSB/PC combination.

Alternatively, you could setup the Master Mode of Motif XF to transmit a volume (expression) message after the MSB/LSB/PC is sent within the Master Mode configuration on Motif. In any case - you need to be sure that this volume set here isn't overriding anything you're trying to do downstream (on MODX's side).


I'm saying master mode because I have to assume how you're controlling MODX (as a single-MIDI-channel device, or multi). I'm assuming multi here which would imply using Master mode on Motif XF.

For aftertouch - if your MODX is in multi-channel mode and Motif XF is not sending aftertouch (CHANNEL aftertouch) on all channels which require aftertouch - in other words, the PARTs that receive and respond to aftertouch, then this could be the source of the issue.

Say MODX had 4 synth PARTs. Each of these PARTs (1-4) would potentially respond to aftertouch as they were programmed to do some form of modulation when aftertouch was invoked. You would need Motif XF to send aftertouch MIDI messages on MIDI channels 1, 2, 3, and 4 simultaneously. Alternatively, setting up MODX as single-channel MIDI is an option if, for whatever reason, your master controller could not send aftertouch on the appropriate MIDI channel(s).
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Let Me Better explain My Question.. For Example.. When I Turn on Controller Hold and Have a FC7 plugged into the MODX7, The Volume works correct..If you have the volume pedal 1/2 way down and change sounds,they stay at 1/2 volume.. If you control the MODX7 from the XF7 with the Volume pedal plugged into the XF7 when you change patches the next patch on the MODX7 goes to 127 volume ..not 1/2.like the pedal is set,In other words,it dosent listen to controller hole through Midi... Try it... can this be corrected??
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I was not addressing what you wanted - but if you want the 2nd Performance to default at 64 (still ignoring the FC7, but having a different value than 127 when changed) - then you can program the default volume for the 2nd Performance to be 64. Which may work better for you.

And, on the Motif XF - you can tell its Performance to send a volume change message after sending the LSB/MSB/PC midi message by changing the volume parameter outlined. Change from 127 to 64.

If using zone and the zone is sending the programmed value - then this is going to override anything your FC7 is set to.

I don't think there's a Zone (talking about the Motif XF side) setting to send a volume of "what my FC7 is set to".

MODX is listening to the Motif XF through MIDI - the Motif XF doesn't send the current FC7 setting when it changes the Performances through an MSB/LSB/PC message.

If you go on MODX and change the Performance "behind Motif XF's back" - then the Motif doesn't "see" this and won't send any messages in response. So MODX will assume its defaults.
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Bad Mister
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The MODX Synthesizer does, indeed, respond to Aftertouch (thank you for pointing out the error in the Data List Booklet which seems to indicate that it does not). You’ll be happy to hear that it does, in fact, respond to Aftertouch. One of those ‘specifications subject to change’ things that works in this case to an advantage.

Recall MODX Performance “Woody Harp” (harmonica w/AT negative tuning)

As to the Volume issue:
It is completely normal for the Controller Reset = Reset/Hold parameter to work for the instrument that the Controller is physically connected. If the FC7 is physically plugged into the XF, the response of the XF Tone Engine will be where you’d expect the reaction to apply. The physical connection is important here.

Connecting to something via MIDI is different from playing it directly. It is similar, but not the same. The FC7 or any physical controller communicating with the internal synth engine, does not use MIDI to do so. Although moving the physical control generates a MIDI message which is sent Out, and that message when returned to the engine, via MIDI, will seem to operate the controller... but it is only operating the same parameter the physical controller was manipulating, directly. Result the same - but what’s causing it is, in reality, quite different.

Also Controller Reset works between selection of Performances... in a similar scenario changing Performances on the front panel of a product is not quite the same as it being changed by an incoming Bank Select/Program Change message via MIDI. Result of calling up the program might be the same, but results are bound to differ due to the arrival point of the message.

This is why when the FC7 pedal is plugged physically into the MODX the Reset/Hold Function works as expected for the MODX engine. And it will work for the XF Tone Engine when the FC7 is plugged physically into the XF.

The Master setup sends a VOLUME setting when it is recalled. You can pre-Set the Volume and send it to the MODX.
The Controller Reset Function works locally, not over Midi...
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