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  1. Antonio
  2. MODX
  3. Thursday, 11 October 2018

I just bought it and wanted to try the free Cubase AI, but the first problem I have is that after installing the MODX driver in Windows 7 the PC does not recognize the MODX. There is also a lot of background noise when connecting the USB cable (I have tried several cables and several usb ports without improvement).
It's the same pc where I used the motif xf without problems for many years.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.
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Hi Antonio,
We can help you get setup and running. You need to install the “Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver for Windows”
You don’t specify which driver you installed. Yamaha, as you may know, makes lots of products and there are more than one Driver... so we need to be specific.
MODX Download page

On your Windows computer go Control Panel and find the Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver icon, double click it to open its Control Panel... if you have a good USB connection between the MODX and your computer the Control Panel will have three tabs. Let us know.
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Hi Bad Mister. Thanks (again) for your fast replies.

It's what I've done, but the PC does not recognize the MODX ...installing the driver is not the problem.

I´m a Reaper user and the MODX does not appear in any list of midi devices either. There is no trace of the MODX on the pc. Also not after restarting the pc.

The whole thing is in Dutch language. Just so you have an idea.

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No device....and a noticeable USB noise....

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I'm not going to address the background noise question. Focusing only on the driver / PC recognition issue: off the bat, I wonder if your keyboard is in USB or 5-pin DIN MIDI mode. If your keyboard is not in USB mode - then it will not show up as anything on your PC and seems to match what you are seeing.

Take a look at the following screenshots - focus on the top-line just to the left of the tempo marking (quarter note = 101 or quarter note = 100)
This picture above shows the keyboard is in USB mode - there's a USB logo to the left of the tempo marking.

This picture above shows the keyboard is in MIDI mode - there's a circular MIDI connector to the left of the tempo marking.

If your keyboard top-line status matches the 2nd image with the circular connector - then this needs to be changed. You could press on the circular connector which would be one way to shortcut to the MIDI settings. You then have to select the right menus to get to "MIDI I/O" and select USB as the "MIDI IN/OUT" mode.

The easiest way to get here would be to hold [SHIFT] then press [UTILITY] while holding shift. Then press "MIDI I/O" on the 2nd column on the left-hand menu tabs. Then select "MIDI" for "MIDI IN/OUT" mode in that menu.

Hopefully that was it.
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Thank you for your effort Jason, but I've tried all this before without positive results.

MODX is in USB mode. Of course.
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Assuming a functional USB 2.0 cable is connected between your PC and MODX's "USB to Host" port - this should work.

One issue I have seen in the past is with driver conflicts. Some users have had some other MIDI drivers that conflicted with the Yamaha Steinberg USB Drivers and found success after uninstalling conflicting drivers.

Less likely - but on the hardware side:

The noise issue you are hearing sometimes can be from shielding termination between the USB cable and interfacing hardware. Sometimes 5V can be an issue too.

Hopefully there isn't a difference in potentials between the instrument and your PC causing functional issues. Sometimes plugging both devices into the same power strip helps this.

If your PC is a laptop with its own battery and is not plugged in - sometimes this can cause an issue too.
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I'll try it tomorrow again. Now I am too tired of so many failed attempts.

Thanks again. I´ll keep you informed.
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On your Windows computer go Control Panel and find the “Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver” icon. (NOT the “Yamaha USB-MIDI Driver” - that will never work for your Keyboard - it’s the wrong driver).

Not sure why your first screen shot shows the Yamaha USB-MIDI Driver that is clearly the wrong driver.

Your second screenshot shows the correct driver is installed, but you are only seeing two tabs. This is good and bad.
Good = you do have the correct driver installed.
ASIO Tab (the one you show)
MODX Tab should be the second Tab, the one that identifies your keyboard
ABOUT should tell you the version of the driver that you installed (I wish you had posted the ABOUT Tab... it gives the version number of the driver you installed)

Bad = The problem therefore exists in the connection between the instrument and your computer.
This includes the cable, as Jason points out, the setting MIDI I/O = USB, and/or the Windows 7 Registry concerning MIDI devices.

Because your computer is running an ancient version of Windows, you must ensure you have not exceeded the number of MIDI instances allowed in the registry.. Windows famously only allows so many devices (if I remember it was 10) to connect. You may need to adjust your Window 7 registry. Once you reach 10 you cannot install any more... it is not critical... you delete the ones you have already there in the registry... Windows will rebuild them as soon as you plug in a device.

Windows remembers which devices you installed on which USB port. (Always try to remain consistent with where you plug in each device... use the same port every time for a particular device) if you plug a keyboard into a usb it has never used Windows places another instance in the registry.

It is a scary thing for most folks to edit the registry, because you need to be careful not to delete items without being sure of what you are doing. But it will most likely fix your issue...

I’ll see if I can dig up the exact steps you must take... Search: 10 MIDI device limit Windows
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Phil, at first I was wondering what version was used. If you look at his first screenshot, you'll see at the top of the screen is the directory:


MODX > YSUSB_V1102_Win

So I concluded that, at least, it's the latest version with MODX's IDs added.
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Good morning.

I have never had problems in this laptop installing hardware until now. I have uninstalled all the old Yamaha dirvers and I have reinstalled the correct one. It still does not recognize the MODX. Defect unit?




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By the way, I only use a Roland MX-1 mixer and the mouse in the USB ports.
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1) Those are not the "ABOUT" screen I asked for (Sorry) - these other screens are not really important in this case. I see that you were attempting to load 1.10.2 but clicking and showing me the ABOUT tab for the Yamaha Steinberg USB Drive would tell me what your computer currently "sees". You told me loaded the MODX driver (I believe you) but the ABOUT tab would verify what your computer "thinks" you installed! If you can take the other screenshot why not the About tab? Simple enough
2) even if you have only a few MIDI products - this is still most likely a Windows issue. Did you look up "10 MIDI device limit Windows"?
When Windows 7 has installed over a certain number of MIDI devices, it will refuse to show any new ones until you delete some of the existing ones.
Windows considers ANY device you've ever connected to be an installed device. It will not show you these installed, although currently unused, MIDI devices in the Device Manager even if you select the 'Show hidden devices' option.

You should make a back up of your registry so you don't mess anything up - if you are at all nervous about editing your computer's Registry: get help. If you know all about computers then you know why I am warning you to backup your stuff before attempting to edit your registry:

From the internet (circa 2010)

From many previous posts.....

There is a Windows issue when you have too many instances of MIDI on your computer. This happens if you do not use the same MIDI ports for your connections (that is, remain consistent). In order to make USB on the computer bulletproof (sic) each time you plug a device into a different port the operating system (Windows) reinstalls the driver. When you reach 10, you can install no more.

Here is a quote from our Yamaha support department

This seems like the problem that happens when the number of MIDI devices has been exceeded in the windows registry.
Unfortunately windows installs a registry entry every time you connect a new device or reconnect an existing device to a different port.
The result is that the registry slots are all used and the new driver will not install...it seems like it does, but it doesn’t work...sound familiar?
Here is the fix. Its not too hard but it takes digging into the registry.

Via ‘Start/Run’, the registry editor can be started by typing in ‘Regedit’. The relevant entries are in the path ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Drivers32’ (left part of the window). In the right pane you will see the installed MIDI device driver entries (scroll down). If there is an error/problem, and all 10 entries for MIDI (midi to midi9) have already been created, duplicates can be safely deleted to allow room for the new driver entries.

To be absolutely safe, create a restore point before you launch Regedit. Also remember to save the changes in Regedit when you free up the midi entries.
Once you have freed up an entry, the USB driver will properly install and show up in all the places that have been missing previously.

It is and has been a known issue with Windows for ages - And you have what is likely a Window Registry issue. If the above does not solve the issue - you should reach out to Microsoft - they can help you with your computer registry. Then get back to use when that middle tab shows your model of the MODX.

(We really cannot claim to be computer support here at Yamaha Synth - we can only point you in the right direction). Hope that helps
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Hi again.I think I understand it.

Here the screens of the register.

Is not the MX-1 mixer the one causing the problem?



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I see 10 MIDI devices in your Registry. (I’m not sure why you keep posting these additional screenshots. I guess you think they are helpful but they are not)... do you see the 10 “midi” registry entries? they look like this on the right side of the registry screen:

That’s 10 ...you have reached the limit... you can delete those.
Every time you plug any MIDI device into a USB port, if that port has not previously seen that device, then Windows dutifully registers it for that port and increments this “midi” entry... again and again. Delete them ... delete only those “midi” registry entries. Am I clear?
You can avoid running out by always connecting your devices to the same physical port!

After deleting them, SAVE your changes, then reinstall the Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver... connect your instrument.
Then go to CONTROL PANEL > find the (red) Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver icon > double click it
You will see 3 tabs: ASIO, MODX(x), ABOUT
Let us know...
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I have done what you have told me and it still does not work


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... almost - request was to click on the "About" tab of the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver. You're showing the "ASIO" tab in your screenshot.

Rather than hack the registry - I'd probably have first tried to uninstall the software which created the drivers (if possible).
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All the old drivers has been desintalled too. The only driver still running is the Roland MX1 driver.
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Thx Bad Mister and Jason.

I know what happens. Not the midi list of the 10 devices. This windows message is the problem. DRIVER SIGNATURE, folks....


After a google search, I found this post of a guy who had the same problem as me in Windows 64 bits.


I´ve tried the driver provided there, but it doesn´t works with my MODX

Partial solution:

F8 by booting the PC, Select Disable Driver Signature Enforcement


And IT WORKS!!! Now the MODX is recognized. Works perfectly as USB audio interface. Works perfectly in Reaper...


This is a temporary solution. Everytime I want to use my MODX as USB interface, I have to repeat the process...

Yamaha, please...help!
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Okay, I’m assuming you saved the registry after you deleted the items, and at some point you have rebooted the computer?
After installation and connection to the MODX, revisit the Registry and see if the midi-midi9 items returned, or not.

Your next step is to do your own search concerning WINDOWS 7 and MIDI driver issues via MicroSoft support. Sorry you are having an issue. Driver installation for 99% of users is smooth and easy.

It clearly is a Windows issues - it would help if you would kind of tell us (loosely translate) what the screenshots you post are saying.
If you are so inclined you can contact the local Yamaha support in your country. They certainly will have an easier time dealing with translating your screenshots (sorry I’m unable to help).

Where is the screenshot of the YSUSB Driver Control Panel when you say “IT WORKS!!!”
That would be interesting to see.
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