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  3. Thursday, 01 August 2019
Re: MODX patches for Montage

I've not been able to compare the MODX and Montage side by side, but I have noticed some great patches on the MODX that I don't remember being on the Montage.
Were new patches created for the MODX that aren't shared by the Montage? I would assume so since the Montage has certain hardware advantages over the MODX.

Is there a list comparing the patches shared (and not shared) by the two synths?
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The data list doesn't compare the two - but has a complete list. You can do the comparison yourself.

Looks to me like the two are identical through Performance #2143. Then Montage adds the new content from the latest firmware update which were the "Montage-ified" versions of the Motif XF Performances (the Montage version of the missing Motif XF legacy material). MODX doesn't have this (yet, I assume) - so actually Montage currently has more Performance content than MODX. Not the other way around.
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Bad Mister
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If you are using the Soundmondo App, you can use it to transfer sounds freely between MODX and MONTAGE.
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