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  2. MODX Series Synthesizers
  3. Monday, 22 October 2018
I recently purchased an MOXF8. The Montage 8 was my desired keyboard, however too expensive for me to justify. I consulted with Yamaha HQ during my buying exploration. There was no talk of the MODX8 on the horizon. This would have been the perfect compromise. Here I am with a good keyboard, but now wishing that I had waited a few more months. I have thought if I purchased a MODX6 and midi it into the MOXF8 could I essentially use the MOFX8 keyboard to control the MODX6? Or am I kind of stuck with what I have or take a big lose on selling? Any thoughts on how to get the best of both worlds? The biggest reason for wanting the Montage or the MODX was the super knob.
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Hopefully at least you got a good deal on your MOXF purchasing it late in the product cycle.

I personally wouldn’t recommend getting a MODX6 to add to your MOXF8. There’s too much redundancy in the sounds (unless you have a bunch of flash installed in the MOXF8).

The main benefits of a MODX over you MOXF is the FM-X synth engine and Motion control. In terms of the new waveforms in the AWM2 engine, you can get around it somewhat using flash memory and libraries of sounds most important to you. If the new features are important to you (and they are great, especially FM-X), I would take the hit and sell the MOXF.

Go back to your retailer and see if they will offer a good trade - most big retailers will be understanding especially if you purchased the MOXF from them.

As for a second keyboard if you want a synth action on top as you imply, consider a higher end controller (like sl MK3) that has aftertouch.

Let us know what you decide.
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Bad Mister
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The biggest reason for wanting the Montage or the MODX was the super knob.
And there is nothing like it on the MOXF.

The Motion Control Synthesis Engine (the phrase that sums up the similarities in the MONTAGE and the MODX) is new and different. And although the backbone of the sound set in these products comes directly from the Motif XS/XF and MOXF-series, they are given a new treatment in the new synths.

The MODX is not just the usual doubling of the specifications as Yamaha has done in the past, this is a major step up in terms of the possibilities. The original Motif was 84MB of Wave ROM, the Motif ES and MO were 175MB, the Motif XS and MOX were 355MB, the Motif XF and MOXF were 741MB of Wave ROM... The MONTAGE and MODX are 5.67GB of Wave ROM before you add the infinite FM-X engine.

You’ll want to have the instrument contained in one product. Your idea of playing it through MIDI could work but... (and there is always compromise after the word “but” ... ) there are differences between playing an instrument directly and playing it through MIDI (which must be considered). It is almost the same. The word ‘almost’ is the wildcard!

In these situations it is always best to take all monetary issues out of the equation ... and ask yourself: if money was no object what would I do?
They try to do that.

There are plenty of folks still looking for MOXF8s... built-in Sequencer, great sounds, reasonable weight, huge sound library available... best selling Synthesizer Workstation 2013-2017. The thing about taking it back to a store, is the depreciation... they will seek to give you less than what you would get if you sold it yourself. After all, they are going to have to wait for the interested someone to walk through the door.

Typically, if you are trading it in on a new purchase, they will work with you. Most will tell you, straight up, that they are going to give you less than if you sold it yourself. They want you to place a value on them taking it off your hands, versus you trying to sell it yourself. But they also want to sell you the new board... so there are the parameters of your negotiation. Remember you need pedals, cables, etc...

You know about where you live, if it’s easy for you to post a keyboard for sale, and you want to go through that process, you will be able to get more for it. Think about what you realistically want to get for it... (then remember, that’s exactly what the store wants to sell it for ‘used’!)They are a business so they naturally offer you less... see how it works?

So yes it’s a hassle to sell it yourself... the store wants you to put a value on that... at the end of the day, you’ll work out a deal, you’ll get the instrument you really want... it will pay for itself ... if not in actual dollars you make at gigs, then in the hours of sonic glory you’ll have playing, arguably, the best synth ever!

Hope that helps.
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