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  4. Friday, 12 July 2019
I have a dynamic mic and a tube compressor/preamp.

The preamp only has a mono out.
Will the MODX mono input do line level signal?
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I have a dynamic mic and a tube preamp/compressor.

The preamp output is mono.

Will the MODX mono input still function as a line level signal?

Many thanks for any info.
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Bad Mister
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The A/D Input can be set for a Stereo or Mono input, and it accommodates Mic or Line Level inputs.

Press [UTILITY] > touch “Settings” > “Audio I/O” > Set “Mic/Line” = Line
Setting this to “Line” prepares the input for Line Level signal

The A/D Input can be setup and used globally or you ca opt to use it as a programmable setting on a per Performances.
On the screen, touch the “FX” option on the very top line of the screen. Here you can set “Global A/D” if you want the same setup to apply throughout (On), or set Off and program the settings on a per Performance basis.

To configure on a per Performance basis (Global A/ D = Off) From the [PERFORMANCE (HOME)] screen:
Press [EDIT] > touch “Audio In” > here you can see its parameters using the options in the second screen column > “Mixing”, “Routing” etc., etc. The A/D In can be routed through its own pair of Insertion Effects, and has its own EQ. This setting can be stored within the current Performance when the “Global A/D” = Off.
“Mixing” — the upper section deals with the A/D In. Set the “Input Mode” to match the input jack you plugged into...
“Routing” lets you access the Insertion Effect routing.
“Ins A”, “Ins B” — access to the parameters of the selected Effect blocks
“EQ” — configurable 2-band EQ and access to -/+12dB of Gain.

Extra Credit:
Treat your Input as a Line Input... as your Mic is presumably plugged into the compressor/preamp, then it’s output is fed to the MODX. You will make the LINE setting on the MODX because it is receiving an already ‘pre-amped’ (boosted) signal. Set the front panel A/D Input Level Knob to minimum. Use your external preamp’s controls to set the gain amount.

FYI — the A/D In on the MODX has a very sophisticated pre-amp with access to its own dedicated Insertion blocks that include high quality utility processors and Effects. These can be used in addition to or instead of your external device.
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Most excellent!

I just purchased a mono tube preamp/compressor and I wasn't sure if it would work with MODX in mono as line..
Your info was most helpful.
I will reference your reply/info when I hook up the preamp to MODX.

Thank you very much Bad Mister.
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