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  4. Thursday, 27 June 2019
Is it possible to use the MODX L/R audio inputs as individual mono inputs and can they be used at the same time?
I would have tried this but I currently only have one mic to hook up to MODX input.

Many thanks for any info.
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Bad Mister
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The MODX has one Audio Input. It accommodates a Stereo or a Mono Input.

You are asking, can you plug in two mono devices, nothing stops you from doing this ...other than the fact that you can only gain stage the Input for a single device. So unless both devices are exactly the same, it is not a logical thing to do.
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Thanks for the lightening fast reply Bad Mister.
I would probably never need more than one mono input, but I was curious about it.
If I should need more than one thing going in MODX audio inputs, I could just go stereo input on MODX with a mixer.

So many YAMAHA synth users would be lost without yours and Jasons help.
Your work is most appreciated.:)
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