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  4. Wednesday, 11 December 2019
A friend of mine is interested in a MODX but he wants to know if the user arp functions are the same as on MONTAGE.
I thought user arp functions and arp functions in general are the same, and all sequencer functions are the same too.
Is that correct?

Many thanks for any info.
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Bad Mister
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Yes, that is correct.
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Many thanks Bad Mister.

I am beginning to think that YAMAHA has never made two synths so closely similar.
YAMAHA gave us most of the best things about MONTAGE for a great price. :)
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Bad Mister
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I kind of think that has always been the exact thing that they have done.

Motif ES — MO
Motif XS — MOX
Motif XF - MOXF

CS80 — CS60
GS1 — GS2
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My thing is I had an original MOTIF for almost 13 years,
so I guess I was not up to speed on the similarities of other YAMAHA MOTIF flagships and the trickle down models.
I briefly did have an MX49 but that's a really cut down MOTIFXS.
It just seems that the MODX and MONTAGE might be just a tad closer to being alike than previous MOTIF flagships and less expensive models.
MODX is the first YAMAHA synth I have seen that had the same big touchscreen as the flagship models.
For me that was a pretty big deal.
It certainly qualifies on some level that YAMAHA has bridged the gap a bit more with MODX than with previous trickle down MOTIF models.

That would mean that YAMAHA is bringing flagships and trickle down versions even more closer together.
A continued commitment to giving everyone those great musical sounds and tools.

But, I could be wrong.
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Motif Vs. the "sister" MO keyboard have always been very close. Before Montage (Motif) - the Motif would have a sampler built in and the MO would not. So that was a wider difference in the past. Now neither has a sampler - so both Montage and MODX are, by virtue, closer together than the past if looking through this lens.

MO vs. Motif was also different in the OS / menu system. Now the Montage and MODX have the same screen - and virtually the same GUI (although not exactly the same). So this is another dimension where the two keyboards are less differentiated than before.

However, in most other dimensions - MODX and Montage overlap in the same ways that previous MO/Motif would overlap. The main overlap as the preset sound set and tone generator sameness (parameters, features).

Memory, build, and keybed have always been different between the two lines and the tradition continues (which is good - it's what drives the MODX cost down relative to Montage).
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