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  4. Thursday, 18 July 2019
I finally started up Cubase.
This is so awesome!
I have nearly zero info on CUBASE,
So I just used CUBASEs MODX midi template,
and the minute I started CUBASE with MODX I got the MODX connect pop up.
So I imported a MODX performance into Cubase and everything was ready to go.
Hit record on CUBASE and started playing the MODX performance.
Hit playback on CUBASE and the performance played back everything,
even the MODX automations and the super knob movements, everything.
And then I tried inserting RG5 acoustic guitar VST into a track and that went well too.
Its amazing,
I thought I would have a lot of latancy playing the guitar VST from MODX, but to my amazement it was very playable.

I cannot believe I was intimidated by software DAW.
Software DAWs are clearly superior.

I can completely bypass MODX internal performance recorder to scetch out ideas and create whole songs.
In the long run, I can already tell that CUBASE is going to be easier to use.

I am sure there will be more than a few snags along the way, but i am off to a great start.

This is musically life changing. :D :D :D
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Bad Mister
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Of course I would not be making great progress if I didn't learn midi a few years ago.
The midi lessons you taught me back then were crucial in my learning to operate CUBASE.

Many thanks Bad Mister/teacher.:)
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