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  1. Maximillian
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  3. Monday, 25 November 2019
So the idea is I have a PATTERN that is a low repeated drone note on two stereo split tracks (one left one right) and accent hits in a higher octave on a centered third track.

When converting this into an ARPEGGIO as I understand it, the separate tracks of the pattern become merged in the arpeggiator into one arpeggio.

I would like to use the mod wheel to control the volume of ONLY track 3 and I was wondering if that was possible. At the very least, I would like to be able to use the mod wheel or an assignable button as an on/off switch for the accent hits.

Based on the way I understand arpeggios to work in the MOXF, I don't think this kind of real-time manipulation of arpeggios is possible. Is it?

I've thought of a couple work arounds, that I'm also not quite sure how to do, but believe are possible:

1: I could set the mod wheel to control the note range of the VOICE, at which point I could create a lower bound that cuts off the higher accent hits, and roll up to a high enough range for them to be played by the arpeggiator.

2. I could create a second pattern of drone tracks only, and use the mod wheel to switch between the arp. with drone only and the arp. with drone and accents.

Those are my best guesses to how to accomplish what I'd like, I apologize if i wasnt clear.

I really need it to be on either the mod wheel or a single button, but controlling the volume of track 3 fluidly would be ideal.

Do you guys have any input/ideas for making that work?
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Bad Mister
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The MW can be programmed to effect the Part you assign to play the Arp. It will not influence the Arp, instead program the sound so that it plays your Arp data properly. Then you can program the MW to control just the high note hits you describe as coming from “track 3”.

You’ll be using the MW to fade in and out the high note hits Elements, while the drone Elements continue to drone...

So create the Arp from your assembled tracks. You will need to construct a VOICE that does both the stereo drones (one left, one right) and the center high note hits.
Make sure your sound can playback exactly what you desire. Then program the Element(s) responsible for the ”hits” so that it is dependent on the position of the MW for Element output Level.

An Arp will play a MOXF Voice... the Voice can be made up of as many as 8 Elements. Presumably you have a sound that is creating the left and right drone sound. Combine these Elements into a single Voice... Elements can be panned separately left and right... use the remaining Elements to create your high hits Part of the sound, panned center.

With the Voice you can assign Element Level so that it is controlled by the position of a controller... take the Element or Elements responsible for the high hits (center) sound and set their Element Level = 0.

Then with a “Control Set” assign the MW to Control the Element Level of those Elements. This will mean the position of the MW will Control the output level of the hits, the drone Elements will continue to drone as usual.

When you assign the Arp Phrase to play this VOICE or you place this Voice in a PART of a Performance or Song/Pattern Mixing, you will be able to bring in the high hits by simply raising the MW.

Hope that gets you started... let us know.
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Thank you so much for responding! I was really hoping you would, Bad Mister :D . Sounds like you understand exactly what I'm trying to do, and I can do exactly that, just not by the avenue I was envisioning. Then again, its the MOXF, so... of course I can. I really love this keyboard.

I've never really delved into elements of a voice, because I believed my use was generally simpler than that, but you make it seem as if some of my current practices could be polished a bit more. (i.e. rather than putting two PARTS of a performance on the same VOICE and using the part's tone control to pitch them a 5th apart, I could create a single VOICE with identical ELEMENTS pitched a 5th apart and free myself up an extra PART in the performance).

I'll go work with elements for a while and see what they can do for me.

Thanks for the guidance.
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Works great!

However the caveat here is that I had to set the hits and drones at different velocity ranges in the arpeggio, because it seems like I could only separate the voice element playbacks by setting velocity limits in the element editor. I borrowed that method from the chill comp 2 article on this website.

4-Track MOXF Arpeggiator

I'm not opposed to this at all FYI, I'm really happy that it works, but is this the best way? Is there a more universal way to do so?

I suppose technically I could alter the velocity curves of the amp, filter etc in each element to correct for the velocity differences in the tracks coming from the arpeggio.

Boy I really dove into the deep end here lol.
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