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  4. Thursday, 14 July 2016
I like the preset "Midnight Funk" ..however when i play this preset..and turn on the arp, the drum doesn't start. If I push the audition button..the drum plays every time. Once I have auditioned this preset..and then play it again, the drum starts when I hit the arp button. Am I missing something.......any help Is appreciated.
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Thanks Chris for your response. I started looking around after your reply... And hit the audition button again, to see what lights were lit up. I noticed Performance Control was on, so I tried playing the preset again with it on, and it worked fine. Evidently that was the problem. Love the Montage, but it is completely new to me, so learning as I go... Thanks again
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Hi, check carefully all what happend when you press audition on the montage left part with scene and arp master.

The audition start without drum on scene memory 1 and the arp master is set to off.
Quickly the audition pass to scene 2 and the arp master is pass to on.

Go to Home > Scene
press scene 1 button, you will see that "arp master" is set to off, so there is no drum/guitar arp.
Press scene 2, you will hear drum arp and guitar arp on part 5
scene 3 guitar 4 arp add to part 5 and drum.

That's the scene memory buttons who store arp settings in this performance.

Part 1 and 6 use the super knob to be hear.
Part1 can be clearly hear with the super knob position near "12h00 -13h00", part6 with super knob at 17h00.
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Thanks everyone for the help... Appreciate it very much...
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