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  3. Sunday, 20 August 2017
I really need your help, please. I have a similar problem as Garry ( https://yamahasynth.com/forum/device-setup-vst-input-connections-problem )
only that I can hear my vst recordings on cubase -- but I can not export them to a wave format through the audio mixdown ( nor through the render in place function, I am working with cubase 8, i saw a tutorial on that)-
well I can export, but there is no sound to be heard on the new audio lane being created in cubase & nor on the exported wave file.. there is also no waves whatsoever to be seen on the new audio lane :( ( can be seen on first screenshot )
I have a feeling it also might have to do with the audio routing set up, it is still confusing the heck out of me..

I have posted screenshots of all of my basic set up in the zip folder below --

I was very happy to stumble upon this thread, I thought I would get it to work.. the "What about VST RECORDING?" was the start of a epiphany..i now understand why it is called virtual-- but I have followed all of your guidelines here and was hoping for the export to work finally-- but nada --

my aim is to export small midi/vst experiments through audio mixdown into a wave format, in order to see if the desired self made sounds are actually to be heard--
I am working with a sound I recorded onto the song modus, it is a sound which was originally on the performance modus- i played around with it & recorded & saved it to the sound modus on my mox .. and recorded me playing small chunks on cubase -- I can hear the moduled sound perfectly on cubase

3 days ago (before finding this thread), after days of trying, i actually managed to export a wave with the desired sound-- but sadly this only worked once

but right after the export worked out, the same problem kept on haunting me : no sound, nothing to be heard on the exported wave file

when I got it to work ( that one time) I roughly followed the guidelines of this thread :

he describes his export process as following :
- In the VST Connections > Inputs, add a Stereo bus, and set 3/4 MOX inputs as a Device Ports for this bus.
- Add a Stereo Audio track, and set your newly created Input bus, as an Input.
- Enable Monitoring on that Audio track.
- Make sure, the export is done in the Real-time.

(in some threads i have read to turn the monitoring button off, in this one he says to enable it? really confusing, what is the right way, or does it depend? I think when I got it to work, I had the monitoring button on..)
i also tried both on & off, same goes for the recording button ( the small red one) - but nothing

his explanation, totally goes against yours though, non?? here he mentions nothing about the editor vst inputs being used & therefore none being open to use in the cubase inputs?

I also followed this motifator " Cubase and the EDITOR VST" guide - but nothing http://www.motifator.com/index.php/support/view/mox6_mox8_cubase_and_the_editor_vst

they mention this :
You need to know how to activate the MOX6/MOX8 VST audio return into Cubase.
On this Instrument Rack you will see several icons - the one to the right of the “e” (edit) is the symbol for OUTPUT “[->“ (an arrow pointing to the right). If you click here you can see each pair of audio RETURNS from the MOX6/MOX8 hardware. This is where you can activate and deactivate the second pair.

I have done this, but seem to only be able to click on MOX8 1 ( Main) ( Screenshot 2 in folder 1) - is this correct?

they also say :
In the lower left corner of the EDITOR VST panel you will find the QUICK SETUP parameters. If you change this to VST REC, PARTS are routed to the VST INSTRUMENT lane and while you can monitor your sound direct, you can hear the Cubase CLICK by raising the DAW LEVEL on the MO-X front panel.

- i dont quite understand but tried recording with the 2stereo rec and also with the vst - but nothing- when im recording sounds from my mox should it always be recording with vst or can i also record on 2 stereo ? and if i want to work with the sounds from cubase, i turn it to 2 stereo?

sometimes Ive also been getting a horrible feedback, that starts whenever i play a key on the synth- the sound wont stop unless i click onpart on the quick set up -- this has only been a recent problem--

I had also stumbled upon a thread, that made me notice, that my vst & track quick control kept on jumping to port 2- before I got it to work, i changed it to port 1 - that was shortly before the export was a success. ( they still do )

more questions (sorry) :

In the vst manual I read that the voice on the auto sync set up on the vst editor ( 2nd shot folder 2 ) should be turned on, when extracting effects of the the synth to the computer; is this correct? also the direction of the arrow pointing towards the computer symbol ? i also had it that way when I got it to work..
do I understand correctly that when Im sending out the effects of the mox to cubase, that it should be routed this way?

should the data bulk also be on receive when extracting sounds from my mox to cubase? I really couldnt find any detailed explanation concerning the transfer direction
( 1st shot folder 2 )

I also have the same problem of the MIDI Port Set Up as Gary[ b] ( screenshot 10 in 1st folder )[/b] they always automatically mark themselves invisible whenever I go to check the vsti set up of the vst editor--
I think I have understood the audio routing you explained, about the inputs being used in the vsti set up, so there being no possibility, no more space for the inputs in cubase ( bad explanation, but I think I got the point)-- but I really dont understand why it keeps on changing by itself?! could this also be a reason?
I also noticed that the " Port System Name" jumps from 1,2,3 to 5 / but Port 5 is shown as 4 - and in the out i have Port 1, 2 which are active, but for some reason a port 3 & 5 which are inactive ( these are unnecessary, no?) ( 1st folder )

Is the System Link on the device set up of importance for me? Should the asio input really be on not connected? and the asio output to mox 2 ?! shouldnt it be on mox 1? ( screenshot 11 )

and the midi inputs to 0 & midi ouput to 1 ? really confusing..

Im also worried that I might have to se it up as a external instrument? , I have cubase 8.0.30 / built on 31. august 2015) version & stumbled upon this article

this first paragraph worries me : However, the initial release of Cubase Series 8 seems to have broken the function (Ed.: fixed with version 8.0.10 3/12/2015 and later) - you can still take advantage of the features and benefits provided by the VSTi routing using this advanced External Instrument setup.

if this is should be the case, i wonder though, why i got the one time success export to work then?

this is so long, im sorry, i hope you guys find time to read this -- i really really want to understand what im doing wrong -- really want this to work :/
I would be so very glad for some help!!

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these are the attachments from the 2nd folder -- i couldnt download a zio folder for some reason..
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