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  4. Thursday, 09 August 2018
My Rig: Windows 10
Cubase Pro 9.5.21 (64bit)
Yamaha Steinberg FW Driver V1.6.6
Firmware Version IEEE1394 V1.07
Motif XS VST Editor V 1.6.4
Motif XS6 connected to my PC via Firewire

I have MIDI issues, and frequent "MIDI crashes" that seem to have become worse with the very latest Windows 10 update. (my computer is set to update automatically).

These issues are:

- - Live-performed MIDI tracks tend to be recorded "behind" when I finish playing, hit stop, then open up the part.
- - The setup tends to have problems (soft crashing) - - when a basic amount of pitch bend and/or mod wheel is being used on say 3 or 4 tracks.
- - These "soft crashes" are easily reset with the "MIDI reset" feature on Cubase. I even have a key command assigned to it.

Also note - - I make extensive use of this rig. All my jingles have MANY sounds coming from the Motif, and they are assigned to separate group channels setup in Cubase.

Before I would ask any detailed diagnostics, can I ask that you give me a "textbook" list of settings that need to be checked or adjusted?

I don't think anything is "wrong" here - - I do think things might not be set optimally. Can we work with that theory?

Any comments/help will be welcome! - Pete Radd
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Bad Mister
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Hi Pete,
Glad to help with a checklist. The issue you mention might have more to do with Windows and Cubase, so please reach out to Steinberg support via your MySteinberg Account if you still have issues.

Download and install the “Motif XS Extension V1.6.1 for Win” (missing from your list of items).

In the Motif XS:
Press [F1] GENERAL
Ensure that the IEEE1394 Driver = FW
If not, change the setting, then press [STORE] to write this preference to your Flash ROM
You will need to reboot the Motif XS for this setting to take place. Once made, it will remain set this way until you change it.

Next, you want to make sure that the MIDI communication is set to mLAN:
Press [F5] CONTROL
Press [SF2] MIDI
Ensure that the MIDI IN/OUT = mLAN
Press [STORE] to write this preference to your Flash ROM.

Launch Cubase

Here you will be able to select the device(s) that will be your MIDI controller. Typically this is either your Motif XS keyboard or any MIDI controller connected to its back panel MIDI IN jack.
Make sure that only these devices are marked in the “In ‘All Inputs’” column

You do not want to mark the “Motif XS REMOTE” port in the “In ‘All MIDI Inputs’” column. Remote Control commands must be kept discreet, so as not to interfere with normal music performance.

In the next folder “REMOTE DEVICES” highlight the Motif XS item. It will be assigned as your Remote Control device and the MIDI IN and MIDI OUT ports will be assigned...

Move down to the “VST AUDIO SYSTEM” item and verify that the “Yamaha Steinberg FW” is selected as the ASIO DRIVER.
The option just below VST AUDIO SYSTEM will be “Yamaha Steinberg FW ASIO”. If you highlight that you will see the CONTROL PANEL where you can set your buffer size.

You mention that your MIDI Notes seem to be late... this can happen on certain Windows computers (sometimes they are actually placed early) Steinberg can explain how that happens... but on the MIDI PORT SETUP screen along the bottom, you’ll find an item concerning “Use System Timestamp for Windows MIDI Inputs”. You may need to select this option, (or deselect it if it is selected) this has to do with correctly positioning recorded MIDI data... again it’s a Windows issue that can be explained best by Steinberg (this option is there for those special cases where needed)...

That should get you started, let us know.
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I followed up on all the basics, but I just found out this:

Under Preferences > Record-Midi, I unchecked "RETROSPECTIVE RECORD", and VOILA!!!!

Problem solved.
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