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  4. Monday, 18 October 2021
I'm wanting to put my MOXF together with my P-125 to essentially use the P-125 as a controller (88 keys, graded hammer action) of the superior piano voices on the MOXF. Problem is, the P-125 has only a single USB to Host connector. It was suggested to me that a MIDI converter would do the trick -- take IN the P-125 signal and send OUT the signal on standard MIDI cables plugged into the MOXF. The advertising for these things emphasize doing this in order to go the OTHER way, MIDI from keyboard converted for USB going into a COMPUTER. So I'm wary of assuming anything in terms of signal flow.

(There are also cables that have a have USB C split MIDI to a pair of 5pin MIDI connectors. These are only for going from MIDI instrument to a computer. And of course the single connector is NOT the square to Host type. So I'm not sure exactly what this cable can do, and I'm pretty sure it can't do what I need.)

I've attached a screenshot of one of these devices available from Amazon at a reasonable price point (considering how little I'm needing it to do) BUT not so reasonable should it turn out that it can't really do what I am expecting.

I'm hoping someone here can recommend a product or describe what they are doing with a similar scenario.
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