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  1. Emmanuel
  2. reface
  3. Wednesday, 18 April 2018
As I turned zone master on, I am able to control my light console from a part of my performance. That’s what you explained in another post, and that’s good.
But, I can’t control anymore the whole performance with my keytar:/ only the part with the same midi channel plays!!!
Is it possible to assign a same midi channel IN for all the parts? As we can do for the transmit channel.
Or is there another way to do this, knowing that there are no keytar who can transmit omni midi or multichannel:/
My montage controls a light console and at the same time is controled by another midi keyboard. All this on stage for live performance.
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Bad Mister
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Please see your original thread in the MONTAGE area, you do not own a reface, so this question is in the wrong forum heading.
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