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  1. Barry
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  3. Saturday, 12 January 2019
I have a Roland A-50 Controller and I can make program changes in the Preset Performance Mode but when I edit the program and save it I can't get the program to change I the Live Set mode. Is there a way to make the Preset Performance Mode to be User Perfomance mode? Thanks Barry
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Duplicate thread. See help in https://www.yamahasynth.com/ask-a-question/modx6-program-change-with-roland-a-50-controller

There's no preset Performance mode. There's no user mode. MODX is always ready to switch its current Performance to a user, preset, or library Performance either directly through Performance-targeting MSB/LSB/PC combinations or indirectly using Live Set MSB/LSB/PC combinations.

If you can find a way to make the A-50 send MSB and LSB MIDI messages (CC) - then you can make this work for you. Alternatively, you could put something between (like a computer) which "sniffs" for a PC and then sends some MSB/LSB pair for you. Probably best using this method to target User Performances directly so you get a full 128 Performances to target by sending just a PC.

There's also MIDI boxes that can do this (something from MIDI solutions) or other places. This is assuming your A50 cannot send MSB/LSB - there are ways to supplement using more equipment.
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