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  4. Sunday, 26 June 2016
I'd love it if I could have Cubase turn the Super Knob blinking on and off. I like having it blink the tempo while I'm playing, but the blinking gets really distracting when I'm doing something else like editing a track in Cubase. Is there some MIDI control message that can be sent from Cubase (or some other DAW) to the Montage to turn the blinking of the Super Knob on and off?

I looked in the Data List, and the only thing I found was at the bottom-left of page 189, where it shows that address 30-4B-11 can set the Super Knob LED Pattern to one of 17 different values. I tried inserting a SysEx message into a MIDI track in Cubase and then playing that track to the Montage. I wasn't sure if the Size column needed to be part of the message, so I tried it two different ways: F0-30-4B-11-nn-F7 and F0-30-4B-11-01-nn-F7, where "nn" was one of the values from the Description column.

I tried various Description values -- I figured that 00 would turn the Super Knob illumination off and the other values would cause various different lighting patterns. But none of my experiments had any effect at all on the Super Knob. I'm not even really sure that what I found on page 189 is supposed to be done as a SysEx message, to say nothing about whether or not I did it correctly. I'm open to suggestions.
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I think I just figured it out. The data from page 189 needs to be inserted into a parameter change message as defined on page 175. Can't try it till later today, will report results then.

Feel lucky that bogus SysEx msgs I sent to my Montage yesterday didn't cause it to burst into flames... :-)
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-- deleted extra copy of message below --
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Got it working! It was just what I thought in the reply above. The format of the SysEx message as entered into Cubase is:

F0 43 10 7F 1C 02 30 4B 11 dd F7

Where "dd" is the particular Super Knob pattern you want, chosen from the hex range 00 -- 11, where 11 turns the Super Knob light off.

I've attached a MIDI file that contains messages that set all of the possible pattern values. The last one turns the light off. So if you import it into (for instance) Cubase and set a cycle running through the MIDI events, you will see the Super Knob run through all of its colors and then turn off.

There's a mystery, though. When I look at the MIDI file in a hex editor, the sequence of byte values is:

F0 0A 43 10 7F 1C 02 30 4B 11 dd F7

I don't know where the 0A came from, or why it's not there in the Cubase SysEx message editor. Does anyone have any ideas?
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Found out what the 0A byte is. When a SysEx msg is stored in a MIDI file, a byte is inserted after the leading F0 byte that says how many more bytes there are in the SysEx msg, including the terminal F7. For the parameter change msg I'm concerned with, that number is 10, which is 0A in hex.

You can read all about it here.
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